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We are more than 20 years in service, being experts in producing a wide range of bearings including wheel bearings. All types of bearings in all sizes and dimensions are available here in LLG.

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    LLG Wheel Bearings

    Do you need a reliable wheel bearing supplier with 100% assurance in excellent quality and features, well LLG wheel bearing is perfect for you. We are into continuous innovations with efficient services that meet every client’s needs and requirements.

    All kinds of bearings include wheel bearings are qualified by international standards and we used modern machines to create the top-graded features of the wheel bearing. LLG is already exporting a large number of bearings in more than 40 countries.

    If you are fascinated by our LLG wheel bearings, please contact us.

    LLG Wheel Bearings Series

    Taper Roller Wheel Bearings

    Diameter: 15mm-110mm

    Outside Diameter: 35mm-200mm

    Width: 11.75mm-41mm

    Featuring: These wheel taper roller bearings are consisting of inner ring, outer ring, and tapered rolling elements and can withstand heavy combined loads. It can be in single-row, double-row, or multiple rows; for heavy-duty applications.

    6000 Series Ball Wheel Bearings

    Diameter: 10mm-150mm

    Outside Diameter: 26mm-225mm

    Width: 8mm-35mm

    Featuring: It can be single-row ball bearings or double-row ball bearings which can support radial loads, axial loads, and tilting moments; full complement ball bearings that can accommodate only radial force and some low axial force.

    6200 Series Ball Wheel Bearings

    Diameter: 10mm-150mm

    Outside Diameter: 30mm-270mm

    Width: 9mm-45mm

    Featuring: Ball bearings that are used in wheels, suitable for high-speed and low torque applications. These bearings can carry higher loads; reduced rotational friction and can accommodate axial and radial force.

    6300 Series Ball Wheel Bearings

    Diameter: 10mm-150mm

    Outside Diameter: 35mm-320mm

    Width: 11mm-65mm

    Featuring: Ball bearings in wheels are consist of ball rolling elements and bearing rings and reduces friction, carry heavy loads at higher speeds, with heat resistance. It increases the performance of motors.

    Why LLG Wheel Bearings

    LLG wheel bearings help the car wheels to rotate smoothly with minimal friction. LLG wheel bearings fit perfectly in the hubs and ride on metal axle shafts. LLG wheel bearing must be mount tightly to avoid dust, water, and debris from entering the bearings.

    Here in LLG wheel bearings, our top priority is always on our customers. We give our 100% effort when it comes to innovations and we make sure that our customers are satisfied by our wheel bearing services and products.

    We supply wheel bearings in a different parts of the world. LLG wheel bearings is a five-star rated bearing company since 2003 and we provide competitive prices in the global market.

    Wheel Bearings Producing

    LLG Wheel Bearings Application Areas:

    Automobiles Wheel Bearings
    Food Processors Wheel Bearings
    Food Processors
    Gearboxes Wheel Bearings
    Generators Wheel Bearings
    Marine Propulsion Wheel Bearings
    Marine Propulsion
    Off-road Vehicles Wheel Bearings
    Off-road Vehicles
    Pumps Wheel Bearings
    Wind Turbines Wheel Bearings
    Wind Turbines

    LLG-Your Professional Wheel Bearing Supplier

    LLG Wheel Bearings

    The most common and versatile bearings in wheels are the ball bearings.  They have the capability of carrying both radial and axial forces. On the other hand, is the tapered roller bearings which are more often used in standard truck and car wheels. The tapered roller bearings reduce friction if the thrust load has greater pressure.

    LLG wheel bearings are very important to every vehicle in having a smooth rotation performance. LLG wheel bearing must be mounted by an expert to avoid severe damages.

    LLG wheel bearing consists of an outer race, inner race, rolling element, and a ball cage. To maintain the smooth performances of our wheel bearings, LLG is also offering a variety of lubricants like lubrication oil or lubrication grease for bearings to function well.

    We also make sure that our wheel bearing seals are well design to prevent any specks of dirt from entering inside the bearings.

    If you want wheel bearings to be customized using your design, no worries, just provide us your drawings. Avail our LLG wheel bearing now!  For inquiries, please send us an email.

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