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We, LLG is professional in producing high quality UCF bearings in different sizes and dimensions. We supply large volume of UCF bearings inside and outside China for more than 20 years of experience. We provide excellent quality of bearings that meets every client’s needs.

  • Fast shipment process;
  • Large range of bearings stocks;
  • ISO compliance;
  • OEM services are available.
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    LLG UCF Bearings

    LLG is well-known company that creates a world-class quality of UCF bearings and all types of bearings that comply the needs and requirements of your business. We produced all kinds of bearings in various sizes and dimensions.

    LLG used advanced technology to supply the five-star rated quality of UCF bearings to our customers. Bulk orders are welcome and we also accept minimum orders of bearings. Just contact us!

    LLG UCF Bearings Series

    UCF 201 Flange Bearings

    Diameter: 12mm

    Length: 86mm

    Weight: 0.61kg

    Featuring: It can accommodate heavy axial loads and combined loads.

    UCF 202 Flange Bearings

    Diameter: 15mm

    Length: 86mm

    Weight: 0.61kg

    Featuring: Good for normal duty application with self-aligning features.

    UCF 203 Flange Bearings

    Diameter: 17mm

    Length: 86mm

    Weight: 0.61kg

    Featuring: Has wide inner race and made of stainless steel four-bolt flange bearing.

    UCF 204 Flange Bearings

    Diameter: 20mm

    Length: 86mm

    Weight: 0.61kg

    Featuring: Four-bolt flange bearing with stainless steel housing that reduces vibration and noise.

    UCF 205 Flange Bearings

    Diameter: 25mm


    Weight: 0.80kg

    Featuring: UCF flange bearing made of stainless steel that has high rotating precision.

    UCF 206 Flange Bearings

    Diameter: 30mm

    Length: 108mm

    Weight: 1.00kg

    Featuring: UCF flange bearings that has lower friction and less noise with high running speed.

    UCF 207 Flange Bearings

    Diameter: 35mm


    Weight: 1.40kg

    Featuring: UCF flange bearings has wide range of application. Alkali and acid proof. Made of stainless steel

    UCF 208 Flange Bearings

    Diameter: 40mm

    Length: 130mm

    Weight: 1.80kg

    Featuring: UCF flange bearing can be applied in maritime climate, aqua river, sea water, Etc.

    UCF 209 Flange Bearings

    Diameter: 45mm

    Length: 137mm

    Weight: 2.20kg

    Featuring: UCF flange bearings can operate in low temperature and high temperature environment.

    UCF 210 Flange Bearings

    Diameter: 50mm

    Length: 143mm

    Weight: 2.40kg

    Featuring: UCF flange are applied in agriculture, pump, manufacturing plant, farm machinery, Etc.

    UCF 211 Flange Bearings

    Diameter: 55mm

    Length: 162mm

    Weight: 3.50kg

    Featuring: UCF flange bearing is a corrosion resistant, less friction and noise. Made of stainless steel.

    UCF 212 Flange Bearings

    Diameter: 60mm

    Length: 175mm

    Weight: 4.20kg

    Featuring: UCF flange bearing with four bolts made of stainless steel and wide inner ring.

    Why LLG UCF Bearings

    LLG is your one-stop shop solution of all types of bearings. LLG produced the highest features of UCF bearing that will satisfy the needs of every application. We are offering OEM services with premium quality of UCF bearings and we follow the global standards of bearings.

    LLG UCF bearings undergo under strict quality control from the production, cleaning and inspection. We are also offering pre-sale and after sale service to make sure that we cater all the needs and requirements of all of our customers.

    For your inquiries, please contact us and our friendly customer service will assist you through the process.

    UCF Bearings Producing

    LLG UCF Bearings Application Areas:

    Construction Machinery UCF Bearing
    Construction Machinery
    Conveyors UCF Bearing
    Elevator Systems UCF Bearing
    Elevator Systems
    Food Processing Machinery UCF Bearing
    Food Processing Machinery
    Material Handling UCF Bearing
    Material Handling
    Medical Equipment UCF Bearing
    Medical Equipment
    Power Transmission UCF Bearing
    Power Transmission
    Textile Machines UCF Bearing
    Textile Machines

    LLG-Your Professional UCF Bearing Supplier

    LLG UCF Bearings

    LLG ucf bearings are four bolt type of flange bearings with self-aligning feature. Its materials are made from cast iron housing and high features of sealed bearings. LLG ucf bearings has also anti-rotation pin feature that avoid bearings from spinning inside. LLG ucf bearing housings are usually made of gray cast iron for the reasons that it has a good features like high strength, vibration absorption and heat depletion.

    LLG UCF bearings are applied in different operations such as conveyors, textile machines, baggage systems, food processing machinery, medical processing, elevator systems, Etc.

    LLG ensures the quality of bearings that we supply to our customers that is why we are maintaining the cleanliness and strictness when it comes to quality control. We also have modern machinery and skillful workers that helps in providing the top-graded quality of ucf bearings.

    What are you waiting for? Grab one now! Just contact us for your inquiries.

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