LLG Your Skillful Transmission Bearing Manufacturer

LLG is professional manufacturer and supplier of transmission bearings and all types of bearings. We provide large volume of bearing stocks in various sizes and dimensions. We also have customized transmission bearing services.

  • A large volume of bearing stocks;
  • Minimum and bulk orders are accepted;
  • We use advanced machinery;
  • LLG follows international standards.
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    LLG Transmission Bearings

    LLG is one of the largest and well-known companies producing a five-star rated quality of transmission bearings for more than 20 years. We always ensure the quality of bearings that we distribute to our customers.

    LLG used modern technology and we have skillful workers and engineers that help create world-class features of transmission bearings. We have the finest and durable transmission bearing in the world. Just contact us!

    LLG Transmission Bearing Series

    Tapered Roller Transmission Bearings

    Diameter: 15mm-480mm

    Outside Diameter: 35mm-400mm

    Width: 11mm-82mm

    Featuring: These are applied at the end of the shaft’s transmission.

    Transmission Ball Bearings

    Diameter: 3mm-1,250mm

    Outside Diameter: 19mm-1,500mm

    Width: 6mm-180mm

    Featuring: Consist of small steel balls with a steel cage and can carry axial and radial loads.

    Transmission Roller Bearings

    Diameter: 5mm-1280mm

    Outside Diameter: 19mm-1400mm

    Width: 6mm-100mm

    Featuring: Roller bearings have a wide surface area than ball bearings. They are used in heavy loading forces.

    Transmission Needle Bearings

    Diameter: 12mm-200mm

    Outside Diameter: 6mm-255

    Width: 3mm-224mm

    Featuring: Small needle-like bearings. Needle bearings should handle with care.

    Why LLG Transmission Bearings

    LLG transmission bearings undergo extreme quality control and inspection before we distribute to our customers. We are producing a large number of transmission bearings, and we also export worldwide. Here in LLG we ensure the quality of our bearings; that is why we always follow the global standards of bearings.

    LLG provides first-class features of transmission bearings; with the help of our modern machinery and high technology and our professional workers and engineers, we can supply the world-class quality of transmissions bearings and all types of bearings to our clients.

    We are offering a custom-made bearing product, and we have the fastest delivery process. Minimum and bulk orders are very welcome. Just send us your inquiries.

    Transmission Bearings Producing

    LLG Transmission Bearing Application Areas:

    0utput shafts Transmission Bearings
    0utput Shafts
    Clutches Transmission Bearings
    Gear Shifting Forks Transmission Bearings
    Gear Shifting Forks
    Main shafts Transmission Bearings
    Main Shafts
    Planetary Gear Sets Transmission Bearings
    Planetary Gear Sets
    Pumps Transmission Bearings
    Reverse Idlers Transmissions Bearings
    Reverse Idlers
    Solenoids Transmission Bearings

    LLG-Your Professional Transmission Bearing Supplier

    LLG Transmission Bearings

    Transmissions have two types which are manual and automatic transmission. Transmission is composed of different kinds of bearings, and we, LLG, create the highest feature of transmission bearings that support every transmission shaft system.

    LLG transmission bearings are applied in main shafts, clutches, gear shifting forks, planetary gear sets, pumps, and rear output shafts.

    LLG transmission bearing are composed of ball bearings, roller bearings, and needle bearings. LLG transmission bearings have anti-friction and reduced vehicle noise, and less vibration.

    LLG transmission bearings are ISO qualified, and we supply a more comprehensive range of transmission bearings, and we have the fastest delivery processes.

    Get yours now! Customer satisfaction is always our priority. Just contact us!

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