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If you are in need of an expert supplier and manufacturer for your steering column bearings? LLG is the best idea. Creating first-class features of bearings in all types with different sizes and designs since 2003.

  • Follow ISO guidelines;
  • We always practice innovative bearing ideas;
  • LLG offers customized services according to customers preferences;
  • A large volume of steering column bearings.
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    LLG Steering Column Bearings

    LLG provides complete series of bearings in all sizes and dimensions according to the needs and requirements of every application. LLG steering column bearings go through extreme quality control, cleaning, and inspection. We are the most reliable bearing manufacturer for more than 20 years in the bearing industry. LLG has professional and skillful workers that help in creating your five-star rated quality of steering column bearings.

    LLG Steering Column Bearings Series:

    Four Point Contact Ball Steering Column Bearings

    Diameter: 18.1mm- 29.8mm

    Outside Diameter: 33.5mm-50mm

    Width: 14.4mm-35.1mm

    Featuring: Four-point contact ball bearing can accommodate axial and radial forces in all directions.

    Angular Contact Ball Steering Column Bearings

    Diameter: 18mm-30mm

    Outside Diameter: 34.5mm-43.5mm

    Width: 15mm-17.5mm

    Featuring: These bearings can carry axial force in singe direction and must be preloaded to carry radial loads.

    Friction Steering Column Bearings

    Diameter: 21.3mm

    Outside Diameter: 44.85mm

    Width: 9.2mm

    Featuring: Friction bearings are applied to damp the steering wheel and improve the vehicle’s directional stability.

    Needle Roller Steering Column Bearings

    Diameter: 19mm-45mm

    Outside Diameter: 36mm-47.5mm

    Width: 19mm-24mm

    Featuring:  Support radial loads only, with one or two lip seal protecting the bearings.

    Axial Steering Column Bearings

    Diameter: 6mm-18.1mm

    Outside Diameter: 17mm-24mm

    Width: 4mm-33mm

    Featuring: Axial bearings are applied in electrical or mechanical adjustable steering systems.

    Why LLG Steering Column Bearings

    LLG steering column bearings are qualified in ISO standards, reduced friction, clearance-free support of steering shaft, high rigidity, and reduces any noise and vibration. There is various type of steering column bearings and ranges in different sizes and dimensions.

    LLG also exports a vast volume of steering column bearings in more than 40 countries in the world. We have OEM bearings services the vary in every customer requirement.

    Our LLG steering column bearings are the best deal in between stiffness and friction torque.  Buy one now! Send us your inquires.

    Steering Column Bearings Producing

    LLG Steering Column Bearings Application Areas:

    Wind Energy Industries Steering Column Bearings
    Wind Energy Industries
    Steel Mill Steering Column Bearings
    Steel Mill
    Pumps Steering Column Bearings
    Machine Tool Steering Column Bearings
    Machine Tool
    Handling Materials Equipment Steering Column Bearing
    Handling Materials Equipment
    Gearboxes Steering Column Bearings
    Electric Motors Steering Column Bearings
    Electric Motors
    Clutches Steering Column Bearings

    LLG-Your Professional Steering Column Bearing Supplier

    LLG Steering Column Bearings

    LLG steering column bearings are part of the steering system that provides an overall bearing performance with torque management and reduces noise level.  You can choose any types of bearings that was used in the steering column, four-point contact ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, needle roller bearings, axial bearings, and friction bearings.

    All of the steering column bearings come in different dimensions and designs. These bearings usually consist of the outer cages, inner cages, a ball set with or without cage, sleeves, spring element, and tolerance rings.

    LLG steering column bearings have a large range of applications such as machine tools, steel mills, wind energy industries, gearboxes, Etc.

    Our company also customizes bearing products with premium quality that meet every client’s preference; just provide us your designs and drawings. All of our bearing products are low-cost maintenance with flexible prices.

    Buy yours now and avail of our LLG steering column bearings! Just keep in touch!

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