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Are you searching for a professional supplier of steering bearings? LLG is the right choice for you. We have all kinds of bearings with different dimensions and designs. LLG has been a very well-known company in China since 2003, producing a large volume of steering bearings in other countries.

  • All of the bearings are ISO certified;
  • Extensive range of steering bearings stocks;
  • Excellent customer service;
  • We exported bearings in more than 40 countries in the world.
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    LLG Steering Bearings

    LLG steering bearings have low maintenance costs and are easy to install. We have professional engineers and staff working as one team to provide you with the highest quality of steering bearings with long service life. Our company implements strict quality control, cleaning, and inspection. LLG steering bearing also has the fastest delivery process. We already export large-scale steering bearings in more than 40 countries in the world.

    LLG Steering Bearings Series:

    Ball Steering Bearings

    Diameter: 17mm-40mm

    Outside Diameter: 40mm-68mm

    Width: 13.5mm-21.5mm

    Featuring: Reduces rotational friction and carry radial and axial force.

    Tapered Roller Steering Bearings

    Diameter: 15mm-50mm

    Outside Diameter: 35mm-90mm

    Width: 11.75mm-21.75mm

    Featuring: These bearings are designed to carry thrust and heavy radial loads.

    Why LLG Steering Bearings

    LLG is an expert in producing steering bearings that have less friction and make your motorbikes have better and smooth performance. We create many steering bearings, and you can choose any size and design if you want.

    OEM with premium materials is also available here in LLG. If you want a customized bearing product, LLG will grant your request; just give us your drawing and designs.

    We never disappoint our customers when it comes to our products and services, and we will provide all the needs and requirements of our customers according to their preferences. Please send us an email for inquiries.

    Steering Bearings Producing

    LLG Steering Bearings Application Areas:

    Aerospace Industry Steering Bearings
    Aerospace Industry
    Automotive Industry Steering Bearings
    Automotive Industry
    Electrical Motors Steering Bearings
    Electrical Motors
    Gearboxes Steering Bearings
    Hoisting Equipment Steering Bearings
    Hoisting Equipment
    Machine Tool Tables Steering Bearings
    Machine Tool Tables
    Mining Equipment Steering Bearings
    Mining Equipment
    Rolling Mills Steering Bearings
    Rolling Mills

    LLG-Your Professional Steering Bearing Supplier

    LLG Steering Bearings

    Steering bearing, sometimes called steering head bearing, must be replaced from time to time once worn. LLG offers the world-class quality of steering bearings where you can use for your motorbikes. LLG steering bearings are miniature, and for them to have long last performance, it needs to have proper lubrication and adjustment.

    There are two types of steering bearings the ball bearings and the tapered roller bearings. Ball bearings are very common in the older type of bikes. Some modern bikes are still using ball bearings with cages to protect the bearings from contamination.

    LLG steering bearings have a wide range of sizes and dimensions, and if you want it customized, we got you on that; provide us your drawing and designs.

    Let us do business together! Please send us an email with your inquiries.

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