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LLG Bearing For Steel Mill

To process iron ore into steel, the equipment often needs to undergo high temperatures and also work at high speeds. This can cause machinery to fail, if the right bearings are not used. The bearings offered by us are ready to withstand highspeed application load that steel mills entrust to them.

LLG Supplies You The Best Steel Mill Bearings

LLG Bearings for the steel mill industry can operate in high temperatures, high impact, extreme loads, stand in high-speed applications, and carry radial and axial loads. LLG bearings for steel mills have heat resistance up to 350 degrees and longer service life. We supply cost-effective bearings with high-quality features that accommodate the needs of your specific applications. LLG is the one-stop bearing solution that will help you identify the right and cost-effective bearings on your steel mill applications.

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Steel mills that make use of iron ore, blast furnaces, and oxy-steel plants. This proves that the environment inside a steel mill is often intense, and harsh. These include extreme temperatures, and fluctuating heat levels.

Machinery used in steel mills needs to be properly equipped to handle these situations, this is why the Four Row Tapered Roller Bearings is recommended for use with iron powder erosion and to cool water.

Along with being sturdy and capable, the machines in steel mills also possess bearings.

They have been tailored to customers’ demands and also deliver the best performance. The bearings we provide are completely in line with ISO standards as well.

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