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LLG produces a vast range of split bearings and other types of bearings with different sizes and designs.  We also supply, and export split bearings around the world. Excellent customer services are offered.

  • Custom-made bearings available;
  • Minimum orders accepted;
  • A large volume of split bearings available;
  • ISO compliance.
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    LLG Split Bearings

    LLG is your trusted supplier and manufacturer of world-class features of split bearings since 2003. We use advanced machinery to supply the highest quality of split bearings.  LLG complies with global standards of bearing to ensure the quality we deliver to our customers.

    LLG split bearings exports a vast range of bearing stocks to different countries of the world. LLG will provide high-end bearings, a fast delivery process, and we also have excellent customer services that will assist you with your bearing orders.

    LLG Split Bearings Series

    Split Cylindrical Roller Bearings

    Diameter: 40mm-155mm

    Outside Diameter: 35mm-600mm

    Width: 34mm-45mm

    Featuring: Capable of carrying high speeds, temperature, and acceleration. Longer service life. High stiffness and less friction.

    Split Spherical Roller Bearings

    Diameter: 55m-630mm

    Outside Diameter: 110mm-980mm

    Width: 52mm-355mm

    Featuring: Design to accommodate heavy radial loads or combined loads. Easy to mount & dismount.

    Split Tapered Bearings

    Diameter: 75mm-185mm

    Outside Diameter: 135mm-265mm

    Width: 34mm-45mm

    Featuring: Capable of carrying high speeds, temperature, and acceleration. Longer service life. High stiffness and less friction.

    Why LLG Split Bearings

    LLG split bearing follows international quality standards with high-class manufacturing equipment and strict quality control. We have been exporting and trusted suppliers of split bearing since 2003.

    Your drawing and designs are welcome for custom-made bearings. In LLG, you can choose any of your loading ports, and a certain number of free samples can be provided to support our customer’s after-sale services and warranty. Just contact us, or you can send us an email, and we will reach out once we receive it.

    Split Bearing Producing

    LLG Split Bearings Application Areas:

    Conveyors Split Bearings
    Food Processing Split Bearings
    Food Processing
    Marine Propulsion Systems Split Bearings
    Marine Propulsion Systems
    Mining Split Bearings
    Power Generation Split Bearings
    Power Generation
    Pulp and Paper Split Bearings
    Pulp and Paper
    Veneer Manufacturing Split Bearings
    Veneer Manufacturing
    Water Treatment Split Bearings
    Water Treatment

    LLG-Your Professional Split Bearing Supplier

    LLF Split Bearings

    LLG split bearings are a unique bearing design for specific applications. LLG split bearings have split on the shaft designed for applications where mounting and dismounting are a challenge. LLG split bearings are applied in broader applications and allow products to run faster, take higher forces, and take many high temperatures.

    LLG split bearings are fast and easy to install compared to other bearings, and they enhanced the ability to accommodate much higher speed applications and minimize damages.

    There are several types of split bearings; split spherical roller bearings, split cylindrical roller bearings, and split tapered roller bearings. LLG split bearings reduced maintenance of machinery and repair downtime.

    LLG offers different sizes and designs of split bearings to meet the needs of your applications. We also have custom-made split bearings, and OEM and non-standard with premium quality are also available. A vast range of split bearing stocks is ready for we accept minimum and bulk orders.

    Get one now! Choose us, LLG for quality bearings.  Get in touch!

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