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LLG specialized in manufacturing top products such as small bearings in Local and International markets. We in LLG have a wide range of choices when it comes to suitable bearings for your business needs. Ensuring that every product we release has passed the quality assurance team.

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    The Small Bearings from LLG

    LLG is committed to providing quality solutions for you, dedicated to any application you wish to use our small bearings, can even use in manufacturing plants, food industry, machinery repair shops, and many more.

    We provide all our small bearing long service life for the benefit of your business. Here in LLG, we are proud to release our small bearing us the features of swift running, durable, and maintenance-free with a standard structure.

    LLC Small Bearings Series

    602zz Small Bearing

    Bore Diameter: 2.5mm – 3mm
    Outer Diameter: 7mm – 8mm
    Width: 1.8mm – 2.8mm
    Feature: Can be ceramic and steel with a longer life.

    602Xzz Small Bearing

    Bore Diameter: 2mm – 9mm
    Outer Diameter: 7mm – 24mm
    Width: 2.8mm – 7mm
    Feature: Swift movement and have a durability

    623zz Small Bearing

    Bore Diameter: 3mm – 5mm
    Outer Diameter: 10mm – 19mm
    Width: 4mm – 6mm
    Feature: carbon steel, rubber and crown tape

    682zz Small Bearing

    Bore Diameter: 2mm – 9mm
    Outer Diameter: 5mm – 17mm
    Width: 1.5mm – 4mm
    Feature: enclose in steel and grease free

    692zz Small Bearing

    Bore Diameter: 2mm – 9mm
    Outer Diameter: 6mm – 20mm
    Width: 2.3mm – 6mm
    Feature: wear resistance and low noise

    MR104zz Small Bearing

    Bore Diameter: 4mm – 8mm
    Outer Diameter: 10mm – 14mm
    Width: 2.5mm – 3.5mm
    Feature: swift and high load bearing

    MR52zz Small Bearing

    Bore Diameter: 2mm – 4mm
    Outer Diameter: 5mm – 7mm
    Width: 2mm – 5mm
    Feature: sealed in rubber and metal

    MR83zz Small Bearing

    Bore Diameter: 3mm – 5mm
    Outer Diameter: 8mm – 9mm
    Width: 2mm – 2.5mm
    Feature: swift and made in steel

    Why LLG Small Bearings

    LLG is designed for swift operation and inseparable, it doesn’t require maintenance in small bearings. Small bearings are stable and also have a long service life.

    Here in LLG, the small bearing we produce and sell to the market can have a big impact on the business owner because our small bearing is self-sufficient because maintenance-free whenever the operations are ongoing.

    LLG Small bearing offers the best competitive price of our one of kind and high-quality products like small bearing, it has very low noise but great precision with stable operation.

    Small bearings producing

    The Application Area of Small Bearings

    Fitness equipment small bearings
    Fitness equipment
    Dairy machinery small bearings
    Dairy machinery
    Textile machinery small bearing
    Textile machinery
    Space shuttle model motor small bearings
    Space shuttle model motor
    Robotics small bearings
    Photo copier machine small bearing
    Photo copier machine
    Medical equipment small bearings
    Medical equipment
    Food equipment small bearings
    Food equipment

    LLG - Your Professional Small Bearing Supplier


    LLG is the best when it comes to manufacturing small bearings worldwide. We possessed the great and skilled worker in providing a quality product to suffice every business need for their daily operations that the small bearings will be used.

    Here in LLG we have different sizes and features for small bearings, those are dustproof, greased free, can operate at the temperature needed in operations, small bearings that are being used in the acid-free surrounding, it is easy to install.

    Here in LLG, we secure every small bearing are properly made before we release it, we also secure our products that passed through our quality assurance team, in this case, we strongly believe that our small bearing products have an edge over others, and will stand out when it comes to its usage to the operation and in any fields.

    Purchasing our products is like giving us the trust that we can provide suitable small bearings for business needs. We are grateful and will always meet your expectation that’s why we are just here for you. Make an Inquiry!

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