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We, LLG is specialized in producing high-quality sliding contact bearings in China. LLG also supplies and exports a wide range of bearings for more than 20 years in various parts of the world. We accept custom-made sliding contact bearings.

  • Follow ISO standards of bearings;
  • Minimum and bulk orders are welcome;
  • We have excellent customer service;
  • OEM bearings with premium quality are available.
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    LLG Sliding Contact Bearings

    LLG sliding contact bearings undergo strict quality control, cleaning, and inspection. We use advanced machinery and high technologies to provide you the five-star rated sliding contact bearings that meet your requirements and needs. LLG is offering you a massive volume of sliding contact bearings ready for shipments. We are offering after-sale services to cater to your needs. For inquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

    LLG Sliding Contact Bearings Series

    Radial Sliding Contact Bearings

    Diameter: 0.6mm-1,700mm

    Outside Diameter: 8mm-1,630mm

    Width: 1mm-195mm

    Featuring: Low friction, less noise, and vibrations. Carry radial load only.

    Thrust Sliding Contact Bearings

    Diameter: 3mm-1,400mm

    Outside Diameter: 2.5mm-2,060mm

    Width: 3.5mm-180mm

    Featuring: Can accommodate misalignment; can carry axial force only.

    Why LLG Sliding Contact Bearings

    LLG manufactures durable sliding contact bearings, with less noise, reduced vibrations and occupies fewer radial forces in a compact design. We supply and export a vast range of sliding contact bearings in various parts of the world. LLG sliding contact bearings are designed in different sizes and structures.

    LLG sliding contact bearings are qualified in ISO standards of bearings. We also produced a customized sliding contact bearing for your preference. LLG always prioritizes customers satisfaction; that is why we always make sure that all of our bearings undergo strict quality control, cleaning, and maintenance.

    If you are fascinated with our sliding contact bearings and other bearing products, just contact us!

    Clutch Bearings Producing

    LLG Sliding Contact Bearing Application Areas:

    3d Printing Equipment Sliding Contact Bearings
    3d Printing Equipment
    Appliances Sliding Contact Bearings
    Automobile Sliding Contact Bearings
    Aviation Sliding Contact Bearings
    Chemical Industry Sliding Contact Bearings
    Chemical Industry
    Food & Beverage Industry Sliding Contact Bearing
    Food & Beverage Industry
    Machinery Repair Shops Sliding Contact Bearings
    Machinery Repair Shops
    Manufacturing Plant Sliding Contact Bearings
    Manufacturing Plant

    LLG-Your Professional Sliding Contact Bearing Supplier

    LLG Sliding Contact Bearings

    LLG sliding contact bearings have excellent shock load capacity applied in medium and high-speed applications. LLG sliding contact bearings are classified based on lubrication, type of load carried, and lubrication mechanism.

    The advantages of LLG sliding contact bearings can operate with less noise, occupy less radial space, and have simple bearing design and housing designs. The only disadvantage of these bearing; it is required to have lubrication maintenance.

    The two types of sliding contact bearings based on the load type are radial bearing and thrust bearings. LLG sliding contact bearings are applied in most applications such as automobiles, the food industry and beverages industry, appliances, 3D printing equipment, Etc.

    We also accept the minimum and bulk orders of sliding contact bearings, OEM and nonstandard with premium bearings, and we ship worldwide.

    Buy now! Just contact us for your inquiries or send us an email for your orders.

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