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Are you looking for a first-class and durable slewing bearing? LLG is the best choice. We are an expert in producing a high-quality slewing bearing with more than ten years of experience. We can give you professional service in different types of bearing with world-class quality.

• Large quantity bearings can be provided;
• Give us your drawing or ideas and ready for customization;
• OEM order and non-standard bearing order is be accepted;
• Many sizes of the bearing are available;

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    LLG Slewing Bearing Manufacturer

    LLG is specialized in producing and manufacturing high-quality Slewing Bearings from China. We used modern technology and machinery in the product to provide the highest quality of slewing bearings to customers.

    LLG Slewing Bearing follows international standards with strict quality control implemented in material receiving, product packaging, and delivery.

    LLG Slewing Bearing develop the global market with competitive price for our customers.

    LLG Slewing Bearing Series

    Single-row Four Point Contact Ball Slewing Bearing.

    Diameter: 50mm-10000mm

    Outside diameter: 200mm-9000mm

    Weight: 17kg-2800kg

    Featuring: Two-seat rings; compact structure and lightweight, steel ball and arc track contact at four points; can carry axial force, radial force, and tilting moment simultaneously with high precision.

    Double-row Ball Slewing Bearing

    Diameter: 160mm-4350mm

    Outside diameter: 200mm-4500mm

    Weight: 100kg-4700kg

    Featuring: Three-seat rings; can carry large axial forces, radial force, and tilting moment simultaneously; Non-gear, External gear, and Internal Gear; High precision; Long service life. Reduces friction and less noise and vibration.

    Single-row Crossed Roller Slewing Bearing.

    Diameter: 50mm-10000mm

    Outside diameter: 200mm-9000mm

    Weight: 80kg-4000kg

    Featuring: Two-seat rings; compact structure; lightweight; low noise; can bear the axial force, tilting moment, and relatively large radial force; high manufacturing accuracy.

    Single-row Crossed Cylindrical Roller Slewing Bearing

    Diameter: 160mm-4350mm

    Outside diameter: 200mm-4500mm

    Weight: 80kg-4000kg

    Featuring: Two-seat rings; compact structure; lightweight; low noise; can bear the axial force, tilting moment, and relatively large radial force; high manufacturing accuracy; Non-gear, External gear, and Internal Gear.

    Three-row Roller Slewing Bearing

    Diameter: 50-10000mm

    Outside diameter: 200mm-9000mm

    Weight: 224kg-5000kg

    Featuring: Three-seat rings; compact structure; lightweight; low noise; can bear different loads simultaneously; suitable for the heavy-duty machinery; high manufacturing accuracy; Non-gear, External gear, and Internal Gear; Provide the highest capacity for a given diameter.

    Why LLG Slewing Bearing

    LLG Slewing Bearing adopts international quality standards with professional manufacturing equipment, strict quality control, high-quality service, provides customers with well-qualified bearings in a fast way.

    LLG Slewing Bearing follows ISO standards that serve our clients with first-class bearings at a reasonable price. We are your best choice for reliable performances of bearings.

    LLG Slewing Bearing provides OEM services, and a large quantity of bearing products are waiting with excellent after-sales service.

    Just send us your inquiries, and our friendly customer service representatives will assist you all the way.

    Slewing Bearing Producing

    LLG Slewing Bearings Application Areas:

    Cranes Slewing Bearing
    Excavators Slewing Bearing
    Forestry Vehicles Slewing Bearing
    Forestry Vehicles
    Medical Equipment Slewing Bearing
    Medical Equipment
    Offshore buoys Slewing Bearing
    Offshore Buoys
    Rail Vehicles Slewing Bearing
    Rail Vehicles
    Tidal Turbines Slewing Bearing
    Tidal Turbines
    Tunnel boring machines Slewing Bearing
    Tunnel Boring Machines
    Wind Turbines Slewing Bearing
    Wind Turbines

    LLG-Your Professional Slewing Bearing Supplier

    LLG Slewing Bearings

    LLG Slewing Bearings is also called turntable bearing, is a rolling-element bearing that usually supports heavy but slow rotational loads. Slewing bearings can bear axial and radial loads single or combination in any direction.

    LLG manufactures standard and customized slewing bearings in different designs and diameters to meet all kinds of functions.

    LLG Slewing bearings are commonly used in cranes, excavators, lift truck rotators, mining equipment, machining tools, radar antennas, high-speed capstans, and other automotive components.

    LLG Slewing bearing comply with ISO standards and creates competitive price in the global market.
    LLG Slewing Bearing is looking forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with you.

    Please send us your inquiries, and our friendly customer service will guide you through the whole process.


    Slewing Bearing – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Are you searching for the proper slewing bearing manufacturer? 

    Or are you tired of trying different sellers but didn’t get your customized item yet?

    If you’re looking for answers to the questions mentioned above, then this FAQ guide will undoubtedly help you a lot.

    After profound analysis and in-depth research, we have collected information about all the common problems related to slewing bearings. 

    Without any further delay, let’s jump into the guide below.

    • What Is The Use Of Slewing Bearing In Large Machinery?

    Slewing bearings are used to strengthen the defense mechanism in large machinery. 

    They are also used in missile launchers, optical devices, and tank turrets for precise positioning.

    Besides, a slewing bearing or turntable bearing supports large and heavy machinery.

    Typically, it is used in horizontal types of machinery such as windmills, cranes, and a swing yarder.

    Slewing bearings can rotate 360 degrees, making them useful for industrial applications as well.

    Lastly, transport, mining, and construction are other fields in which they are employed.

    Slewing Bearing

     Slewing Bearing

    • How Does Slewing Bearing Helps In Carrying High Loads?

    Slewing bearing helps in carrying high loads with rings that are pretty large. These rings consist of holes that can hold large-sized elements in a fixed position. 

    Furthermore, the rings in slewing bearings must be strongly lubricated.

    The rolling element placed in the bearing must be hard enough to not be extra deformation.

    However, if the bearing is not handled efficiently, there will be an irreversible mishap.

    The slewing bearings are flexible and conveniently customizable when it comes to carrying heavy loads. 

    Besides, there are various ring designs in slewing bearings; each is classified for a specific application to help in different significant weighing elements.

    • How Do You Select Slewing Bearings As A Reseller?

    To Select Slewing Bearings as A Reseller, follow the below-given steps:

    • Choose a Reseller

    Select a dealer who meets your requirement for being an ideal one.

    • Contact the Manufacturer

    Firstly, approach those who are cost-effective while maintaining the quality of slewing bearings.

    • Book an Appointment

    Schedule meetings and meet them face to face to make sure you let them know about your needs for slewing ball bearings.

    • Have a Detailed Discussion

    Talk with them about customizing the bearings according to your desired size.

    • Inspection

    Analyze the quality and reasonable turnaround time for the delivery of bearings.

    • Take Your Decision Wisely

    Finally, the ideal pick is the one who honors your time and money by providing the right product.

    Select Slewing Bearing

    Select Slewing Bearing

    • What Is ASME SRB-1 Standard Of Slewing Bearing?

    ASME SRB-1 standard of slewing bearing is the global community to provide solutions to worldly challenges. 

    Certainly, the standard applies to the design, installation, application, maintenance, and inspection needs of slewing bearings. 

    Since the standard is maintained to evaluate efficiencies and produce satisfactory results of slewing bearings.

    Also, the standard allows effective communication among the user, assembler, and manufacturers as they understand the demands of each other.

    Furthermore, the acceptance criteria are required for SRB design, inspection requirements, and applications.

    ASME SRB-1 Standard Of Slewing Bearing

    ASME SRB-1 Standard Of Slewing Bearing

    • What Are Slewing Bearing With Four Point Contact Ball Bearing And Where Is It Used?

    Slewing bearings with four-point contact ball bearing consist of a single radial row and pointed contact ball bearing. These are designed to support each other in both directions. 

    Besides, these separable ball bearings. The outer Ball and cage can be mounted singly, then the other half.

    Primarily, the four-point contact ball bearings are used for slow to medium speeding applications. 

    They are beneficial in different equipment such as hydraulic shovels, aerial platforms, excavators, wind-power generators, cranes, and maintenance units for buildings. 

    Slewing Bearing With Four Point Contact Ball Bearing

    Slewing Bearing With Four Point Contact Ball Bearing

    • Who is The Best Supplier of Slewing Bearings in China?

    There are many manufacturers of slewing bearings in China, but the best supplier is LLG Bearings. 

    In the past few years, they are manufacturing quality slewing bearings at reasonable prices.

    Their main products are slewing bearings, roller bearings, thin-section bearings, ball screws, slew drives, etc. 

    Moreover, they provide services to technical support in various fields such as the agricultural sector, carpentry, and pump industries. 

    In addition, ecological concepts are also implemented to maintain environmental factors. 

    • What is Slewing Bearing with Wire Race Bearing, and Where is it Used?

    Slewing bearings with wire race bearings are the powerful races required for rolling objects. 

    While it also allows the combination of structures and materials as well as their cross-sections.

    Subsequently, the wire race bearings can be roller bearings or ball bearings, or they can be a combination design of surface-strengthening bearing and wire-race bearings. 

    Slewing bearing with wire-race bearings is used in enhancing the military and defense machines such as tanks.

    Optical telescopes, power light bulbs, and articulated buses also benefit from the slewing bearing wire-race bearings. 

    Slewing Bearing with Wire Race Bearing

    Slewing Bearing with Wire Race Bearing

    • Can I Get Customized Slewing Bearing from Chinese Manufacturers for My Use?

    Yes, you can get customized slewing bearings from Chinese Manufacturers for your use now. 

    In the past few years, the process of purchasing slewing bearings has got a bit complex. 

    Luckily, several Chinese manufacturers including LLG Bearings offer a variety of customized options at reasonable prices. Some tips to select the right one are listed below:

    • Too little or less amount of product will always be costly. Most sellers in China give reasonable discount offers on larger shipments. 
    • Some Chinese manufacturers introduce discount offers on a monthly or yearly basis. It is an intelligent idea to keep an eye on them.
    • Growing Chinese manufacturers who want to increase their market value generally offer relatively low prices to grab the attention of potential buyers.

    Customized Slewing Bearing

    Customized Slewing Bearing

    • What is a Slewing Assembly?

    Slewing assembly is the process of assembling all the parts of slewing bearings. It is a crucial procedure as it requires precise distribution of load and stress on the slewing bearing.

    Certainly, if the slewing bearing is inadequately assembled, it will affect its efficiency and lead to damage. 

    Experienced engineers understand there is no shortcut for exact mounting in slewing assembly. 

    Perhaps, if the assembled structure of bearing is not proficient enough to transfer the load to the bearings uniformly, the consequences will be instant.

    Slewing Assembly

     Slewing Assembly

    • What are the Different Sizes of Slewing Bearings?

    The different sizes of slewing bearings are available by different manufacturers like LLG Bearings. Slewing bearings consist of inner and outer rings, and both have different diameters.

    Some of the slewing bearing sizes are listed below:

    • Usually, the smallest size of slewing bearing is the one with a boundary dimension of 550mm and a mounting dimension of 515mm.
    • The common size of slewing bearing is with the boundary dimension 812mm and the mounting dimension of  776mm.
    • There are many other slewing bearings with boundary dimensions of 1000, 1022, and 1122 with the mounting dimensions of 940, 978, and 1078 respectively.
    • Typically, the largest slewing bearing size is 1200 mm (boundary dimension) and 1148 (mounting dimension).

    Different Sizes of Slewing Bearings

    Different Sizes of Slewing Bearings

    • How Do You Check Swing Bearings on Excavators?

    Check swing bearings on an excavator before operating. Following is the instant step by step guide to help you in checking the excavators:

    Step: 1

    Place the dial indicator with a magnetic base straight on the car body with the cage rod placed on the bottom of the upper race of the bearing. 

    Step: 2 

    Move the dial to zero to make a measurement.

    Step: 3 

    Relocate the boom up and down a couple of times.

    Step: 4 

    While moving it, keep an eye on the dial.

    Step: 5 

    If the dial shows a reading between 30 to 35, it means the Swing Bearings on Excavator is working fine.

    • What are Slewing Bearings with Eight-Point Contact Ball Bearing?

    Slewing bearings with eight-point contact ball bearings are specialized for larger sizes. 

    They are capable of accommodating heavier loads.

    Subsequently, eight-point contact ball bearings support large axial and radial loads from all directions. 

    They are characterized for managing heavy loads of larger sizes at high speeds. 

    Moreover, they are manufactured with double row radiating ball bearings with angular contact. The raceways operate in a dual direction to support the heavy loads. 

    Along with other benefits, the eight-point contact ball bearings can quickly adapt to several changes according to the buyers’ requirements. 

    Slewing Bearings with Eight-Point Contact Ball Bearing

    Slewing Bearings with Eight-Point Contact Ball Bearing

    • What is the Use of Slewing Bearing with Cross Cylindrical Roller Bearing?

    Slewing bearing with cross cylindrical roller bearings are used primarily for extra precision in linear moving equipment with relatively short and smooth movements. 

    Furthermore, they are also helpful in the lab and medical equipment, semiconductor processing, vacuum environments, automation machinery, machine tools, cleaning rooms, and material handling.

    Slewing bearings with cross cylindrical roller bearing are optimal for joints and rotating units of industrial robots, spinning counters of machines, precision tables, and manufacturing machines. 

    With the advancement of technology, slewing bearing with cross cylindrical roller bearings will be more common and more accessible.

    • What is the Use of Slewing Bearing With Triple Row Roller Bearing?

    Slewing bearing with triple-row roller bearings is used in places where very heavyweights need to be lifted, such as:

    • Mining excavators 
    • Mobile and offshore harbor cranes
    • Larger crawler cranes

    In addition, triple-row roller bearings have proven applications in various fields such as:

    • Radars
    • Windmills
    • Deep digging machines
    • Robotics
    • Radio telescope antenna
    • Medical machines 
    • Testing stands 
    • Bucket-wheel excavators 
    • Wheeled cranes

    Other uses are heavy-duty mobile cranes, precision table counters, index tables, offshore cranes, tunnel boring machines, marine cranes, and ladle turrets. 

     Use of Slewing Bearing With Triple Row Roller Bearing

     Use of Slewing Bearing With Triple Row Roller Bearing

    • What Type of Grease is Used in a Slewing Bearing?

    Grease is used in a slewing bearing to enhance its efficiency. Some of the best grease for slewing bearings are listed below:

    • STA-LUBE

    The company is producing reliable additives and lubricants since the year 1933. Their product is helpful for both professionals and DIY users. They produce high-quality materials that are cost-friendly as well.


    These North American manufacturers yield high-end quality materials for the industry. They produce the best grease for ball bearings.

    • LUCAS

    Since 1989, Lucas is providing quality additives and lubricants. They have a larger fanbase due to the long-life quality and proven performance of products. 

    • What material is used in the Manufacturing of Slewing Bearing?

    The material required to manufacture the rings in slewing bearings is alloy steel or carbon steel, depending on what type of bearing rings are made. 

    However, it is different for rings and rotating elements.

    The ceramic, steel, or silicon nitride is used to construct the right rotating elements in slewing bearings of different sizes for accurate precision and greater efficiency.

    Sometimes, manufacturers like LLG Bearings include different types of stainless steel to produce slewing bearings. 

    • What is the Price of Slewing Bearing?

    The slewing bearing price is different for every manufacturer depending upon the quality and the type of slewing bearing.

    Price ranges of some of the types of slewing bearings are as follows:

    • High-quality teeth quenched slewing bearings prices range from US $3,500.0 to $4200.0 as they are manufactured with great precision.
    • The price range of common rings of slewing bearings used in excavators, cranes, etc., starts from the US $10-999 per piece.
    • Many manufacturers of slewing bearings provide excellent quality of Ball slewing bearings ranging from US $2,000.0 to $ 2,300.0 per piece.
    • What is the Slewing Bearing Hs Code?

    The slewing bearing Hs codes are different for each type of slewing bearing. Hs codes for some of them are:

    • The Bearing bush slewing bearing (used in cranes) Hs code is 84833000
    • Rothe Erde ball bearing slewing ring’s Hs code is 84831099
    • Ball-bearing slewing bearing (for construction machinery’s) Hs code is 84839000
    • The Hs code for Roller bearing slew ring is 84834000
    • The ball-bearing slewing ring’s Hs code is 84839000
    • For ball-bearing slewing rings used in construction machinery, the Hs code is 84839000
    • The single-row Ball slewing bearing Hs code is 84834000

    Slewing Bearing Hs Code

    Slewing Bearing Hs Code

    • How to Perform Slewing Bearing Wear Measurement?

    Perform slewing bearing wear measurement to detect the wear at an early stage.

    The wear measurement can be performed by the Tilt Clearance Measurement method. Follow the guide below to perform wear measurement:

    • Define Position

    Select the measurement position before starting troubleshooting.

    • Reference measurement

    Calculate the reference measurement.

    • Take measurements

    Start taking measurements on circumference while maintaining the accuracy of 0.01mm dial gauge.

    • Start tilting

    Start forward tilting through load capacity.

    • Take measurements

    Continuously rotate the upper structure around the marked position while taking the measurements to analyze the wear measurement.

    • What are Slewing Bearing Gears?

    Slewing bearing gears are incorporated with the outer and inner rings of the bearings.

    These gears are attached with the holes to both rings for optimized transmission of power and energy, which is necessary for the rotation of slewing bearing in all directions.

    The slewing bearings gears are enclosed in a gearbox for the safe and uniform holding of the axial and radial loads and transmit the torque.

    Furthermore, the slewing bearing gears generate a quick and simple connection between the adjacent machine components.

    • What are the Installation Requirements of Excavator Slewing Bearing?

    The installation requirements of excavator slewing bearing are:

    • Clean the surfaces:

    The upper and lower mounting surfaces of the bearing should be adequately cleaned for proper installation.

    • Mark the labels:

    For easy and convenient installation, hold a marker and label the surfaces, preferably with initials for proper understandings.

    • Pre-tight the bolts:

    The bolts of the mounting surface must be pre-tighten as it’ll become difficult after installation.

    • Start the installation:

    Once you are done with these requirements, start the installation procedure.

    • How to Repair Slewing Bearing?

    Repair slewing bearing by following the guide below:

    • Open the Slewing Bearing Carefully

    Un-assemble the slewing bearing to identify the problem.

    • Clean It

    As slewing bearing operates in a variety of environmental conditions, clean it to analyze the issue.

    • Inspect the problem

    After cleaning, check it for the damage and inspect the cause.

    • Figure Out Solution

    After identifying the issue, conclude whether or not the part of the slewing bearing is repairable.

    • Repair

    If the slewing bearing is repairable, fix it, and it will ready to use again.

    Figure 11 Repair Slewing Bearings

    • How to Avoid Failure in Slewing Ring?

    To avoid failure in slewing ring, the steps stated below must be implemented:

    Properly Lubricate

    Certainly, the life of the slewing ring will be increased if it is regularly lubricated. They protect the slewing rings from surface damages.

    Don’t Overload

    To avoid failure, never overload your slewing bearing. Keep in mind the load charts and act accordingly.

    Regular Inspection

    Regular inspection sessions must be carried out to analyze the problem at an early age. Look at the surrounding areas as well for any potential damage.

    • What are the Common Structural Forms of Slewing Ring Bearings?

    The four common structural forms of slewing rings bearings are:

    • Single-Row Four-Point Bearings with Special Seal

    These bearings with seals are used in harsh environmental conditions, such as the protection of slewing bearing from seawater penetration.

    • Single-Row Four-Point Ball Swing

    They are used excavators, tower cranes, and rope winches.

    • Double-Row Ball Bearing

    They are the advanced and expensive version of slewing bearings. For example, they are used in crane technology.

    • Double-Row Four-Point Slewing Bearing

    They are manufactured to support the higher loads in limited spaces. For example, they are used in wind turbines for rotor blade adjustments.

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