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LLG is one of the organizations in China, delivering and providing countless top-notch self-lubricating bearings and bearings of different sizes and variations. We fare to somewhere around the globe. 

  • We have served for over 20 years; 
  • We give self-lubricating bearings attributes; 
  • We adhere to worldwide bearing guidelines; 
  • We have phenomenal client support.
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    LLG Self Lubricating Bearings

    LLG has made the astounding quality of self-lubricating bearings to help each task and business. LLG utilizes self-lubricating bearings innovation and an extraordinary group of our expert laborers and designers. We can furnish you with top-of-the-line self-lubricating bearings.

    We keep our self-lubricating bearings tidiness and strict quality control to guarantee that all client needs and prerequisites are aligned. Send us your request!

    LLG Self Lubricating Bearings Series

    Imperial Plain Self Lubricating Bearings

    Inner Diameter: 1/16″ – 2-1/2″
    Outside Diameter:  3/16″ – 2-7/8″
    Length: 3/16″ – 2-1/4″
    Featuring: Imperial Plain Self Lubricating Bearings utilized for sliding, pivoting, swaying or responding movement. In sliding applications they fill in as slide heading, bearing strips and wear plates.

    Imperial Flanged Self Lubricating Bearings

    Inner Diameter: 5/32″ – 1-1/4″
    Outside Diameter: 5/16″ – 1 1/2″
    Length: 3/8″ – 1 1/4″
    Featuring: Imperial Flanged Self Lubricating Bearings utilized in through-bolt applications, permitting the utilization of a more modest measurement bolt to accomplish weight decrease with no orderly decrease in the bearing.

    Metric Plain Self Lubricating Bearings

    Inner Diameter: 4mm – 50mm
    Outside Diameter: 8mm – 60mm
    Length: 4mm- 70mm
    Featuring: Metric Plain Self Lubricating Bearings to oblige shafts or bars with fluctuating measures of misalignment. They are intended to oversee high outspread burdens.

    Imperial Thrust Washers Self Lubricating Bearings

    Inner Diameter: 1/4″ – 1 5/8″
    Outside Diameter: 1/2″ – 2″
    Length: 3/32″ – 1/8″
    Featuring: Imperial Thrust Washers Self Lubricating Bearings are intended for applications where hub space is restricted, support is beyond the realm of imagination and where ointment starvation can happen.

    Imperial Self-Aligning Self Lubricating Bearings

    Inner Diameter: 0.1869″ – 0.3125″
    Outside Diameter: 0.375″ – 0.750″
    Length: 0.25″ – 0.7″
    Featuring: Imperial Self-Aligning Self Lubricating Bearings have two sections of balls, the outer ring has a common spherical raceway and two main constant channel groove in the internal ring.

    Sintered Bronze Bar Self Lubricating Bearings

    Inner Diameter: 20mm – 99mm
    Outside Diameter: 44mm – 130mm
    Length: 50mm – 75mm
    Featuring: Sintered Bronze Bar Self Lubricating Bearings play out a fundamental job in numerous applications. The grating dissolving parts self-grease up, they require little upkeep, and they’re financially evaluated.

    Why LLG Self Lubricating Bearings

    The LLG Self-Lubricating bearings give their oil during activity without the utilization of grease oil. The functioning standard of LLG Self-Lubricating bearings is to inundate the ointment in the sliding layer of the bearings. Contingent upon the application prerequisites, like working temperature, this grease can be fluid/oil or strong graphite, molybdenum disulfide, lead.

    At the point when the Self-Lubricating bearings are inactive, the grease is delivered through the pores of the sliding layer to grease up the bearing surface. The oil is uniformly scattered all through the sliding layer, so regardless of whether the sliding layer is worn, the exhibition of the low grating bearing won’t diminish. The “running” surface of self-lubricating bearing is the most likewise remembered for a top of the sliding layer to give low grating bearing execution before the impregnated grease arrives at the bearing surface.

    Self Lubricating Bearings Producing

    LLG Self Lubricating Bearing Application Areas

    Conveyor Processing Self Lubricating Bearing
    Conveyor Processing
    Generators Self Lubricating Bearing
    Aviation Cargo Systems Self Lubricating Bearing
    Aviation Cargo Systems
    Automobile Industry Self Lubricating Bearing
    Automobile Industry
    Agriculture Industry Self Lubricating Bearing
    Agriculture Industry
    Crane Self Lubricating Bearing
    Textile machinery Self Lubricating Bearing
    Textile machinery
    Tractor Self Lubricating Bearing

    LLG-Your Professional Self Lubricating Bearing Supplier

    LLG Self-Lubricating Bearing

    LLG Self-Lubricating Bearing has a little outspread area with punctured rollers and is made out of a stepped cup. LLG made a Self-Lubricating Bearing to send force one way between the lodging and the shaft. Another reason for the Self-Lubricating Bearing is to keep the starter from breaking down and confine the converse. There are two essential kinds of

    LLG Self-Lubricating Bearing uses hardened steel springs as grasp components, and the other series utilizes plastic springs as grip components.

    LLG Self-Lubricating Bearing can be redone as per client necessities and requirements. Our Self-Lubricating Bearing goes through good quality control, cleaning, and review. Part

    Reach us or email us for requests.

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