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LLG is the top company in China that provides excellent quality of all types of bearings. We have advance machinery that creates the most OK rocker bearings and all kinds of bearings in different sizes and designs.

  • All our bearings passed in ISO standards;
  • Five-star rated the quality of rocker bearings;
  • We used high technologies in production;
  • Professional workers and staff;
  • We deliver immediately.
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    LLG Rocker Bearings

    LLG is an expert in creating world-class features of rocker bearings and all types of bearings with different dimensions and designs. We are the number one manufacturer and supplier of rocker bearings in China since 2003.

    We offer customized bearings services, and we also have OEM rocker bearing with premium materials. LLG has the fastest delivery process, quick response to all your query, and we have friendly customers service representatives that will assist you with your inquiries.

    We are your number one supplier and exporter of flange bearing worldwide. Just contact us or send us an email for your inquiries.

    LLG Rocker Bearings Series

    10D-380 Series Linear Rocker Bearings

    Max. Vertical Load: 200kN – 8500kN

    Max. Horizontal Load: 95Kn – 593kN

    Featuring: It has a quality steel plate; heat or cold-rolled steel pin. OEM and customized services are available.

    11D-380 Series Linear Rocker Bearings

    Max. Vertical Load: 100kN – 8500kN

    Max. Horizontal Load: 53Kn – 593kN

    Featuring: Quality steel plate with high corrosion coating. OEM and customized services are available.

    12D-380 Series Linear Rocker Bearings

    Max. Vertical Load: 100kN – 8500kN

    Max. Horizontal Load: 110kN – 1145kN

    Featuring: It can withstand high tensile, with a solid structure and high impact load carrying capabilities.

    Why LLG Rocker Bearings

    LLG has a large volume of rocker bearings supply in different designs and sizes suitable for the railroad and bridges structure. LLG rocker bearings follow international standards, and we use modern machinery to produce the top-graded quality of rocker bearings.

    We are offering pre-sale and after-sales services, and minimum orders are accepted. If you want a customized rocker bearing, no worries, give us your drawings and designs. Please get in touch with us for your inquiries so that we can assist you throughout the process.

    Rocker Bearings Producing

    LLG Rocker Bearings Application Areas:

    Bridges Structures Rocker Bearings
    Bridges Structures
    Buildings Rocker Bearings
    Coal Transport System Rocker Bearings
    Coal Transport System
    Highway Structures Rocker Bearings
    Highway Structures
    Mining Industry Rocker Bearings
    Mining Industry
    Offshore Industry Rocker Bearings
    Offshore Industry
    Railroads Rocker Bearings
    Tunnel Building Crane Rocker Bearings
    Tunnel Building Crane

    LLG-Your Professional Rocker Bearing Supplier

    LLG Rocker Bearings

    LLG rocker bearings, also called built-up bearings, feature their pin in permit rotations and movement in various forces and loads from the superstructure such as constant load, earthquake-generated forces, and living load.

    LLG rocker bearings have excellent seismic isolation property, and it has withstood high tensile capabilities, shear, and compression forces.

    LLG Rocker has two main types, and that is expansion rocker bearings and fixed rocker bearings. They are made of high-quality steel with anti-corrosion coatings. LLG rocker bearings are applied in railroads, bridges structures, buildings, highways structures, tunnel building cranes, mining industry, Etc.

    LLG rocker bearings are produced using the highest quality of materials. We are not just suppliers, but we also export large volumes of bearing inside and outside China.

    Please get in touch with us or send us an email for any inquiries.

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