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LLG is the top manufacturing company that provides a vast range of red ceramic bearing. LLG is your trusted supplier of red ceramic bearings in China for more than 20 years. In addition, we have excellent customer service that will assist you throughout the process.

·       Comply with ISO standards;
·       Accepts minimum orders;
·       Fast delivery process;
·       Your drawings and designs are accepted for customization.

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    LLG Red Ceramic Bearing

    We LLG is your professional supplier when it comes to red ceramic bearings. We ensure that our red ceramic bearings follow international standards, and with the cooperation of our skilled workers and engineers, our red ceramic bearings leave great feedback from our loyal customers.

    If you are interested in our red ceramic bearing, contact us or send us an email, and we will reach out once we receive it.

    LLG Red Ceramic Bearing Series:

    Red Ceramic Bearings

    Diameter: 8mm

    Outside Diameter: 22mm

    Width: 7mm

    Featuring: Red ceramic bearings are designed for skateboards. Material can be full stainless, full chrome steer, or hybrid ceramic bearing. Red ceramic bearings long service life and reduces noise. High speed and can carry a heavy load and have high heat resistance.

    Why LLG Red Ceramic Bearing

    Our red ceramic bearing here in LLG complies with international standards, and we use modern technologies in production to create a five-star quality red ceramic bearing for our customers.

    We have been exporting and trusted suppliers of red ceramic bearing for more than 20 years of experience.

    Your drawing and designs are welcome for custom-made bearings. We accept bulk orders and minimum orders.

    LLG also provides pre-sale services to assist you with your queries. Just contact us!

    Red Ceramic Bearing Producing

    LLG Red Ceramic Bearing Application Areas:

    Skateboard Red Ceramic Bearing

    LLG-Your Professional Red Ceramic Bearing Supplier

    LLG Red Ceramic Bearing

    LLG red ceramic bearings are designed for skateboards. These kinds of bearing are lightweight and give a faster acceleration. The red ceramic bearing has less friction and less maintenance.

    Red ceramic bearings with the ceramic ball are much harder compared to steel balls. Red ceramic bearing has alkali and acid-proof, high precision, and has a longer service life.

    Red ceramic bearings are commonly used in aerospace applications, paper-making machinery, laboratory equipment, Etc.

    LLG provides OEM and nonstandard with premium quality bearings. We also give after-sales services and a fast delivery process.

    We use modern types of machinery, and our ceramic bearings undergo strict quality control.

    If you want to purchase our red ceramic bearings, contact us, and we will assist you with your orders.

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