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LLG is specialized in producing pivot bearings for more than 20 years. We are also an exporter and supplier of various types of bearings worldwide. Custom-made pivot bearings are also available.

  • A large range of bearings are available;
  • Minimum orders are accepted;
  • Friendly customer service;
  • ISO compliance.
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    LLG Pivot Bearings

    LLG gives you the highest feature of pivot bearing that exceeds your expectations. Our goal is to provide the top quality service and cater to the needs and requirements of our customers.

    We are accepting bulk orders and minimum orders of pivot bearings. Your drawing and design are welcome for customization.

    For your inquiries please contact us or send us an email and we will reach you once we receive it.

    LLG Pivot Bearings Series

    5000 Pivot Bearings Series

    Diameter: 0.200”- 1.600”

    Outside Diameter: 0.1250”- 1.0000”

    Radial Load Capacity (pounds): 25.5- 1,620

    Featuring: Single-ended pivot bearings. Frictionless bearings. Track rotational movements in various directions. OEM and non-standard pivot bearings are available.

    Diameter: 0.200”- 1.600”

    Outside Diameter: 0.1250”- 1.0000”

    Radial Load Capacity (pounds): 28.0-1800.0

    Featuring: Double-ended pivot bearings. Reduced friction and can track rotational movement in different directions. OEM and non-standard pivot bearings are available.

    Why LLG Angular Contact Ball Bearing

    LLG your expert manufacturer and exporter of pivot bearings worldwide for more than 20 years. Our company uses a modern type of machinery and we follow ISO standards to provide the highest quality of pivot bearing to customers.

    LLG creates a full range of pivot bearings in various type of sizes. We accept minimum and bulk orders of pivot bearings.

    LLG is equipped with the most advanced technology and we maintain our strict quality control from production to delivery process.

    Your drawing and designs are welcome for custom-made pivot bearings. Choose us! For inquires, just contact or send us an email and we will guide you through the whole process.

    Pivot Bearings Producing

    LLG Pivot Bearing Application Areas:

    Four-bar Linkages Pivot Bearings
    Four-bar Linkages
    Gimbal Rings Pivot Bearings
    Gimbal Rings
    Mirror Mount Pivot Bearings
    Mirror Mount
    Oscillating Tools Pivot Bearings
    Oscillating Tools
    Propeller Shafts Pivot Bearings
    Propeller Shafts
    Steam Turbines Shafts Pivot Bearings
    Steam Turbines Shafts
    Vertical Machine Shafts Pivot Bearings
    Vertical Machine Shafts
    Vibration Isolation Systems Pivot Bearings
    Vibration Isolation Systems

    LLG-Your Professional Pivot Bearing Supplier

    LLG Pivot Bearings

    LLG pivot bearings are less friction bearing that design to handle specific applications like steam turbines, vertical machine shafts, gimbal rings, propeller shafts, Etc.

    LLG pivot bearings are designed to carry heavy loads like large bridges, and cable-stayed construction.

    There are different types of pivot bearings first is the single-ended pivot bearing which allows a single end to rotate in a smaller number of degrees when restrained in one end. Single-ended pivot bearings which is also called a cantilevered pivot bearing commonly used in overhung loads.

    Another type is the double-ended pivot bearings which the center section rotates in a limited degrees when restrained appears in both ends.

    Our LLG pivot bearings are following global standards together with our high technologies, we can be able to supply a large range of five-star quality pivot bearings in various parts of the world.

    We are also offering pre-sale and after-sale services to meet customer’s requirements and needs.

    Choose us, choose LLG! Just send us your inquiries and we will guide you throughout the process.

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