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LLG is an outstanding pin-bearing provider and producer with years of involvement. We give an excellent pin-bearing wide range of sizes and classifications. 

  • Your drawings and plans are acknowledged; 
  • We have agreeable client care; 
  • We provided OEM and non-standard heading;
  • Wide selection of pin bearings. 
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    LLG Pin Bearings

    LLG is your dependable provider of pin bearings in China. We also like to trade many pin bearings anywhere in the world. LLG utilizes modern innovation to produce excellent quality pin bearings.

    We oblige to follow global bearing rules and can provide excellent OEM and non-standard. And we acknowledge discounts and minimum orders for pin bearings. If you would like to inquire, contact us now!

    LLG Pin Bearing Series

    Type A Pin Bearing

    Bore Diameter: 25mm-50mm
    Diameter: 50.5mm-78mm
    Height: 15.8mm-22mm
    Featuring: Type A Pin Bearings consists of upper and lower half circle surfaces with a solid circular pin in the middle.

    Type B Pin Bearing

    Bore Diameter: 30mm-80mm
    Diameter: 51.6mm-117mm
    Height: 17mm-29mm
    Featuring: Type B Pin Bearings connect to the base plate by bolting or welding.

    Type C Pin Bearing

    Bore Diameter: 38.1mm-69.840mm
    Diameter: 71.8mm-113.6mm
    Height: 17.1mm-22.1mm
    Featuring: Type C Pin Bearings slab is located on a masonry slab. Rotational movement is allowed.

    Why LLG Pin Bearings

    The LLG Pin bearings are fixed bearing, while the upper and lower shoes are associated with pins, which permits the following of the pivot the upward way. The set pin bearings are versatile bearings made out of pin bearings and a few rollers in which they can remain even and vertical means.

    The location of pin bearings is not in order in structure and can offer great help for vertical burdens. In line with these, they are quite the most broadly utilized fixed-bearing of sorts. They are especially compelling based on curve spans.

    Pin Bearings Producing

    LLG Pin Bearings Application for your Business

    Alternator Pulley Pin Bearing
    Alternator Pulley
    Aircraft Controls Pin Bearing
    Aircraft Controls
    Automotive Transmissions Pin Bearing
    Automotive Transmissions
    Construction Equipment Pin Bearing
    Construction Equipment
    Small Appliances Pin Bearing
    Small Appliances
    Small Gasoline Engines Pin Bearing
    Small Gasoline Engines
    Tool Motors Pin Bearing
    Tool Motors
    Gear Pumps Pin Bearing
    Gear Pumps

    LLG-Your Professional Pin Bearing Supplier

    LLG Pin Bearings

    LLG Pin Bearings are roller orientation with little round and hollow rollers to decrease rubbing. These Pin Bearings have a broad surface region, and the length of the rollers is more noteworthy than their width proportion. LLG Pin Bearings can withstand higher burdens.

    LLG Pin Bearings are used in precision tasks. Contrasted and filled with supplement Pin Bearings, the roller fittings are more slender and can withstand a lower load limit.

    LLG Pin Bearing’s grease is the best option for extreme and fast applications. OEMs with excellent Pin Bearings are additionally accessible.

    LLG gives after-deals direction to meet all client needs and necessities.

    Get it! For requests, kindly email us.

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