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Oil is becoming increasingly essential for the work done in many industries. Some oil drills are made to dig as deep as 3000 km under the ground, which can put quite a lot of stress on the machinery being used. For this reason, more efficient machinery is required to harvest raw oil from underground.

LLG Provides You The Top Oilfield Equipment Bearings

LLG provides an extensive range of large diameters of bearing designed explicitly for oilfield applications, with more than 20 years of experience. LLG bearings cases are made of hardened steel and rollers made of unique material that can endure heavy impact load with long service life. Sizes are available in a single row, double row, and multi-row. Our bearings are combined for heavy load, high impact, and high-speed application.

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There is a huge demand for oil in today’s world, and this is why oil companies are always looking for ways to increase their drilling depth in underground oilfields; these can be as deep as 3,000km. This is why companies now require exceptional equipment to carry out their tasks.

The machinery used must be able to perform quite well, and for that corrosion revisits ant bearings are needed.

After years of experience and research, LLG Group now offers high-quality, rust-resistant bearings that are ideal for oil drilling machinery, oil recovery machinery,  petroleum-dedicated vehicle machinery, oil refining machinery, industrial pumps, and other oil fields equipment.

These bearings operate incredibly well, even in harsh conditions. This helps customers lower their energy and maintenance costs.

What makes these bearings amazing is that if you compare these to other bearings available in the market today, ours feature a higher load capacity, which extends the machine’s service life.

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