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LLG is a certified professional bearing manufacturer specialized in designing a mounted bearing, research, and development, production, and sales. Our products can be exported locally and internationally.

  • State of the art Equipment and World Class Products
  • Proactive and Diligent Technical Supports
  • A Variety of Product that you can choose
  • Versatile manufacturing to produce bulk production
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    The Mounted Bearing from LLG

    LLG is committed to providing quality solutions for you. Here LLG offers customization of mounted bearing and different ceramic material to meet the expectation and needs of your business. We have a numerous skilled team that is best in quality assurance and technical support for all customer’s inquiries with best the quality of mounted bearing and timely manner.

    LLG Mounted Bearing Series

    UCFC 218 Mounted Bearings

    Shaft Diameter: 12mm – 90mm
    Mounting Height: 78mm – 220mm
    Feature: flange and shaft fastening

    UCF 211 Mounted Bearings

    Shaft Diameter: 12mm – 19mm
    Mounting Height: 35mm – 45mm
    Feature:  with a set of screws and adapter

    NCFL 186 Mounted Bearings

    Shaft Diameter: 15mm – 25mm
    Mounting Height: 33mm – 54mm
    Feature:  the collar is lock-in eccentric

    UCT 240 Mounted Bearings

    Shaft Diameter: 60mm – 140mm
    Mounting Height: 40mm – 64mm
    Feature:  set screws and collar locked eccentric

    UCPA 204 Mounted Bearings

    Shaft Diameter: 20mm – 23mm
    Mounting Height: 33mm – 37mm
    Feature: It is sealed and uses in material handling application

    UCIP 208 Mounted Bearings

    Shaft Diameter: 40mm – 140mm
    Mounting Height: 60mm – 200mm
    Feature: It has a thick wall and casting in iron

    Why LLG Mounted Bearing

    LLG produces state-of-the-art quality mounted bearing bearings, it has a mix of modern steel ring precise matched with silicon nitride.

    The mounted bearing has an excellent electric insulator, also has the highest speed capability, and provides long service life than any other mounted bearing.

    LLG Mounted bearing has an amiable cost, preventing electrical turn, the best for its grease life, and reducing wear from vibration, in this case, your machinery will work productive because of our mounted bearing.

    mounted bearing producing

    The Application Area of Mounted Bearing

    Automotive mounted bearing
    Agriculture mounted bearing
    aerospace Mounted Bearing
    Printing Industry mounted bearing
    Printing Industry
    Medical Industry mounted bearing
    Medical Industry
    Machine Tools Mounted bearing
    Machine Tools
    Machine repair mounted bearing
    Machine repair
    mining equipment mounted bearing
    Mining equipment

    LLG - Your Professional Mounted Bearing Supplier


    LLG is the leading manufacturer offering a variety of mounted bearing bearings, where you can also customize our product to fits your business needs.

    We in LLG our Mounted bearings can mainly use in multiple industries like Aerospace, agricultural, automotive, machine tools, medical equipment’s, mining and printing shops, and more that requires mounted bearing.

    The Mounted bearing of LLG can be distinguished base on the highest speed and acceleration ability, intact stiffness, best accuracy, lowest friction and heat generation with minimal lubrication required, and extended operating life of our mounted bearing.

    We ensure the quality of our product in every purchase made, buying in LLG, we make sure that after-sales service will be served to all our customers, your feedback is important to us.

    Being the leading manufacturer of mounted bearing, we have an extensive range of skilled worker who assures the quality of our products.

    State of the art and advanced testing of equipment to provide first-class and high-quality mounted bearing. We are happy to serve you, what are your waiting for send your inquiries!

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