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Your motorcycle's bearings should be able to last you at least 100,000 miles, if manufactured from the best materials. Motorcycles are a fast, easy-to-use way of travelling. Their engines are often overworked if not properly lubricated, which will not be a problem when you use the bearings we provide.

LLG Provides You The Top Motorcycle Bearings

Large numbers of bearings used in motorcycles vary depending on the model and other structures. Usually, single motorcycles have 20-30 bearings. LLG motorcycle bearings are used in wheels, transmissions, revolving parts, and engines. It reduces friction, less vibration, and ensures durability. LLG provides bearings for a motorcycle to facilitate a smooth and ensure the safety of motorcycles so that every rider will have an enjoyable and smoother ride.

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  • Custom-made bearings are available;
  • Comply with ISO standards;
  • Modern production machine and factory;
  • Minimum orders are accepted.

When we talk about the motorcycle industry, there is a huge demand for bikes with excellent maneuverability. People are always looking for bikes that safe and secure and come from credible brands out there.

Now, in order to meet the requirements of people out there when it comes to bearings for motorcycles, our company focuses on producing outstanding bearings used in the engine, steering system, frame, and transmission of the bike. This allows bikes to work exceptionally well.

When it comes to motorcycle riders, they should feel completely secure when riding their bike. This is why we designed some easy to use as well as stable bearings that are friction resistant and end up delivering an incredible driving experience.

Moreover, the bearing lower carbon emissions and reduce noise levels as well. These bearings are a great option to reduce maintenance cost and ride your bike while you feel completely safe and secure. We make sure to make your comfort our top priority!

Moreover, we have used highly durable materials in order to manufacture the bearings. The bearings also go through a heat treatment process to ensure their higher rigidity level. This way, the bearings won’t be harmed due to road debris or even stones.

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