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LLG Lazy Susan Bearings was established over two decades ago and has engaged with the equipment business for the longest time. And as of now, our LLG Lazy Susan Bearing brings a total and logical quality administration framework.

  • We meet the necessities of the market and expert makers;
  • We acknowledge clients’ OEM prerequisites;
  • We plan and create with tests and drawings of our Lazy Susan Bearings;
  • We generally accept that consistent improvement is the establishment of a business.
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    The Lazy Susan Bearings from LLG

    LLG Bearing focused on furnishing you with quality Lazy Susan bearings, focused on any application you need to make use of our Lazy Susan bearings, you can even use it in assembling plants, food enterprises, machine fix shops, and so forth

    We furnish all LLG Lazy Susan Bearings with longer life fit for businesses. At LLG, we are glad to present our Lazy Susan bearings, which describe as quick, strong, and support-free activity with standard constructions.

    LLG Lazy Susan Bearings Series

    Lazy Susan Bearing

    Diameter: 125mm-250mm
    Thickness: 8.50mm
    Weight: 150g-450g
    Featuring: 5″-10″ Lazy Susan Bering has high quality zinc alloy die-casting.

    Lazy Susan Bearing

    Diameter: 300mm-400mm
    Thickness: 8.50mm
    Weight: 558g-725g
    Featuring: 12″-16″ Lazy Susan Bearing is rust-free, corrosion resistance, long service life.

    Lazy Susan Bearing

    Diameter: 450mm-600mm
    Thickness: 10mm
    Weight: 1145g-1620g
    Featuring: 18″-24″ Lazy Susan Bearing made with high quality nylon non-slip matte.

    Lazy Susan Bearing

    Diameter: 800mm-1000mm
    Thickness: 14mm-16mm
    Weight: 4300g-73320g
    Featuring: 32″-40″ Lazy Susan Bearing advanced with matte finish and a good choice on the table.

    Why LLG Lazy Susan Bearings

    LLG Lazy Susan Bearings, in low-speed applications, is used in pivoting beds, cabinets, tables, or displays. The one part of the bearing and the base is connected. The other side is associated with the record player.

    On the off chance that the fixed base, Lazy Susan Bearings permits the plate, cupboard, table, or shows the unit to pivot an entire 360 degrees. Lazy Susan bearings of LLG composes of corrosion-resistant components such as live steel or exciting metals.

    Lazy Susan Bearing Producing

    The Application Area of Lazy Susan Bearings

    Workshops Lazy Susan Bearing
    Repair Facilities Lazy Susan Bearing
    Repair Facilities
    Turntables Lazy Susan Bearing
    Kitchen Cabinets Lazy Susan Bearing
    Kitchen Cabinets
    Steelmaking machine Lazy Susan Bearing
    Steelmaking Machine
    Fitness Equipment Lazy Susan Bearing
    Fitness Equipment
    CNC Machine Tools Lazy Susan Bearing
    CNC Machine Tools
    Laboratory Cabinets Lazy Susan Bearing
    Laboratory Cabinets

    LLG - Your Professional Lazy Susan Bearing Supplier

    LLG Lazy Susan Bearing

    LLG is the best decision for the assembling of Lazy Susan Bearing on the planet. We have expert and prepared laborers who can give great items to meet all business needs of utilizing Lazy Susan Bearing in your everyday activities.

    At LLG, we have Lazy Susan Bearing of multiple sizes and capacities, are dust-free and oil-free, and can work at the temperature needed for their use. Lazy Susan Bearing utilized in a corrosive-free climate is not difficult to introduce.

    Additionally, we make sure that our Lazy Susan Bearing is accurate before we dispatch them. We likewise ensure that our items go through our quality control group.

    Because of that, we accept that our Lazy Susan Bearing items are best compared to different brands. Our benefits will result to any activity and use in any field.

    Our Lazy Susan Bearing is the best choice to your business needs.

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