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We, LLG Large Bearing, focuses on providing high-quality bearing worldwide. With years of serving and selling bearing, LLG Large Bearing passed ISO9001:2008 management system certification and ISO4001:2004 environmental management system certification.

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    The Large Bearing of LLG

    LLG Large Bearing has produced high-quality large bearings for years with guaranteed customers’ satisfaction. In the industry of having experience in manufacturing self-aligning bearings, LLG Large Bearing knows all the details. We know how to make long life, high reliability, and minimal maintenance work. LLG Large Bearings make sure that our products are with compact layout design possibilities.

    The LLG Large Bearings has passed the factory necessary bearing products certificates and various qualifications. With LLG Large Bearings, we serve our clients with good-quality products at a reasonable price. We, LLG Large Bearing’s, have decent service and obtained the general customers’ high praise.

    LLG Large Bearing Series

    Single Row Tapered Roller Large Bearing

    Diameter: 130-440 mm
    Outside diameter: 280-650 mm
    Width: 51-187 mm
    Featuring: Single Row Tapered Roller Large Bearing are widely used in the traction motors of railway cars.


    Double Row Tapered Roller Large Bearing (Outside Direction)

    Specification: Outside Direction
    Diameter: 130-360 mm
    Outside diameter: 280-600 mm
    Width: 74-266 mm
    Featuring: Double Row Tapered Roller Large Bearing are widely used in gearboxes, hoisting equipment, rolling mills, and tunneling machines.

    Double Row Tapered Roller Bearing (Inside Direction) Large Bearing

    Specification: Inside Direction
    Diameter: 160-710 mm
    Outside diameter: 270-1150 mm
    Width: 74-345 mm
    Featuring: Double Row Tapered Roller Large Bearing are widely used in gearboxes, hoisting equipment, rolling mills, and tunneling machines.

    Why LLG Large Bearing

    LLG Large Bearings utilize various aspects of your business. For example, in Automation, Machine Construction, Agricultural Machines, and Food Industry. Not just that, LLG Large Bearing can also be used in Conveyor Technology Industries as well as other industries that need high carrying capacity.

    LLG Large Bearing is additionally in the fields of, home devices, miniature engines, R/C models, fishing reels, wellness hardware, and clinical machines. We, LLG Large Bearing, sell the best quality heading of low commotion, low vibration, high exactness, high fixing execution, and long working life.

    Large Bearing producing

    The LLG Large Bearing is for your Business Needs.

    Converter Large Bearing
    Crane Large Bearing
    Crusher Large Bearing
    Excavator Large Bearing
    Rolling Mill Large Bearing
    Rolling Mill
    Shield Machine Large Bearing
    Shield Machine
    Wind Power Gearbox Large Bearing
    Wind Power Spindle
    Wind Power Spindle Large Bearing
    Wind Power Gearbox

    LLG - Your Professional Large Bearing

    LLG Large Bearings

    Searching for a quality bearing with ductile iron retainer, and copper/brass cage? LLG Large Bearing is just for you.

    LLG Large Bearing is widely used in agricultural and textile machinery. In addition, it can be used as a precision instrument and much more. Other applications of LLG Large Bearing are large gearbox low-speed shaft, roller press, cement mill & roller, etc.

    With LLG Large Bearing, we offer two rows of symmetrical spherical rollers and a common sphere raceway in and out rings. Not just that, LLG Large Bearing has good self-aligning ability and can operate when the shaft deflection is under load or the shaft misalignment in mounting. LLG Large Bearing has a permissible aligning angle of 1 to 2.5 degrees.

    We, LLG Large Bearing, offer heavy load carrying capacity and anti-impact ability. Our LLG Large Bearing can carry axial loads in two directions and permits a low limiting speed. Additionally, LLG Large Bearing is used in centrifuges, axle bolts, CNC punching, cylindrical gear reducer, and electric vehicle motors.

    Also, our LLG Large Bearing has a structure of spherical, seals type of open seal, and the number of a row are single and double. With LLG Large Bearing, we have a precision rating of P0 P6 P5 P4 and vibrating of ZV1 ZV2 ZV3. We, LLG Large Bearing, passed the quality standard of ISO9001:2008.

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