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LLG is a leading company the supply and manufactures a wide range of all types of bearings in China for more than 20 years of experience. We are a reliable supplier and exporter of king pin bearings to different countries of the world. LLG king pin bearings have low-cost maintenance with long service life.

  • We used advanced machinery and high technology;
  • LLG king pin bearing is ISO qualified;
  • A large quantity of bearing stocks are available;
  • Excellent customer services.
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    LLG King Pin Bearings

    LLG king pin bearings are your one-stop shop bearing solution, for we have the fastest and reliable delivery services, provide after-sales service, and creates the highest quality of king pin bearings that exceed customers’ satisfaction. LLG consists of professional engineers and skillful staff working together to produce world-class king pin bearings that meet every client’s requirement. We also have OEM services of premium quality, and we accept minimum orders. Just keep in touch!

    LLG King Pin Bearings Series

    T-63 Series King Pin Bearing

    Diameter: 16.129mm-24.13mm

    Outside Diameter: 41.275mm-50.8mm

    Width: 12.7mm-15.875mm

    Featuring: King pin bearings have self-alignment features with high-loading capacity.

    T-101 Series King Pin Bearing

    Diameter: 25.654mm-35.179mm

    Outside Diameter: 50.8mm-66.675mm

    Width: 15.875mm-19.446mm

    Featuring: King pin bearings have high load sustaining capacity and prevent overrunning.

    T-149 Series King Pin Bearing

    Diameter: 38.3mm-52.629mm

    Outside Diameter: 65.8mm-97.3mm

    Width: 19.45mm-28.5mm

    Featuring: King pin bearings with an automatic lock when rolled in an opposite direction.

    T-251 Series King Pin Bearing

    Diameter: 63.754mm-147.683mm

    Outside Diameter: 111.125mm-177.8mm

    Width: 26.988mm-17.462mm

    Featuring: King pin bearings with sealed preventing dirt from entering.

    Why LLG King Pin Bearings

    LLG produce and supply a wide range of king pin bearings with a variety of sizes and dimension. Our LLG king pin bearings are applied in a wide range of applications such as heavy vehicles like trucks, tractors, buses, and treadmills.

    King pin bearings are also present in conveyors, steering, agricultural equipment, cars, and marine engines. LLG king pin bearings are produced in the highest quality, and a five-star rated bearing since 2003.

    Just in case you want customized king pin bearing, provide us your drawings and designs and take care of the rest. If you need a fast delivery process, no worries! We got you! Just send us your inquiries!

    King Pin Bearing Producing

    LLG King Pin Bearing Application Areas:

    Agricultural Equipment King Pin Bearings
    Agricultural Equipment
    Construction Machinery King Pin Bearings
    Construction Machinery
    Conveyors King Pin Bearings
    Heavy Vehicles King Pin Bearings
    Heavy Vehicles
    Light Vehicles King Pin Bearings
    Light Vehicles
    Marine Engines King Pin Bearings
    Marine Engines
    Pressed & Machine Tools King Pin Bearings
    Pressed & Machine Tools
    Pumps King Pin Bearings

    LLG-Your Professional King Pin Bearing Supplier

    LLG King Pin Bearings

    LLG King pin bearings are made created with high-graded raw material and qualified in ISO standards. LLG king pin bearings are capable of a thrust bearing pressure in different application areas like industrial pumps. It serves as main pivot in most steering mechanisms of cars, light and heavy vehicles.

    LLG king pin bearings come in different sizes and dimensions depends on the requirements of specific applications. Our king pin bearings here in LLG have many features.

    It is a self-aligning bearing that prevents rotational damages and has high loading capacity. LLG king pin bearings get lock automatically when rolled in opposite direction.

    LLG king pin bearing offers OEM and non-standard bearings. It will be an excellent opportunity for us to be your trusted bearing supplier soon.  Get yours now!

    If you are fascinated with our LLG king pin bearings, just contact us! Our friendly customer service representatives will assist you throughout the process.

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