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LLG, the ultimate supplier and manufacturer of inline skate bearings for more than 20 years.  We are the top bearing company that supplies a wide range of bearing in different types and designs. LLG is accepting drawings for customers who want to get customized bearings.

  • The reliable company since 2003;
  • We offer LLG inline skate bearings at low cost;
  • We supply all types of bearings in different sizes and dimensions;
  • LLG follows global standards of bearings.
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    LLG Inline Skate Bearings

    Our top priority is to provide the world-class quality of inline skate bearings to our customers. We always make sure that our customers are delighted with our bearing products. LLG used modern technologies and machinery to create excellent inline skate bearings that support every project and business. Our LLG inline skate bearings undergo extreme quality control and inspection. LLG always makes sure that we met every client’s needs and bearing requirements. We also offer OEM with premium quality materials.

    LLG Inline Skate Bearing Series

    608 Inline Skate Bearings

    Diameter: 8mm

    Outside Diameter: 22mm

    Width: 7mm

    Featuring: This is the standard size of inline skate bearings; it can be in open, sealed, and shielded bearings. This can be ceramic bearings, steel bearing, or titanium .

    627 Inline Skate Bearings

    Diameter: 7mm

    Outside Diameter: 22mm

    Width: 7mm

    Featuring: These sizes bearing is commonly used in quad speed and artistic skates. This can be ceramic bearings, steel bearing, or titanium bearing.

    688 Inline Skate Bearings

    Diameter: 8mm

    Outside Diameter: 16mm

    Width: 4mm

    Featuring: Inline skate micro bearings; unsealed and used in some modern speed skate wheels. This can be ceramic bearings, steel bearing, or titanium bearing.

    698 Inline Skate Bearings

    Diameter: 8mm

    Outside Diameter: 19mm

    Width: 6mm

    Featuring: This can be an open or sealed inline skate bearing with extra light micro bearings that are applied in modern speed skate wheels.

    Why LLG Inline Skate Bearings

    Choosing inline skate bearings is not a problem anymore; LLG provides the top-graded quality of bearings used in roller blades or inline skates. Inline skate bearing can be steel bearings, ceramic bearings, and bearings made of titanium.

    LLG inline skate bearings have a standard size of 8x22x7, and we have series of other sizes, too, depending on the application. LLG used the highest quality of materials inline skate bearings durable and has a long service life.

    Inline Skate Bearing Producing

    LLG Inline Skate Bearing Application Areas:

    Aircraft Accessory Gearbox Inline Skate Bearings
    Aircraft Accessory Gearbox
    Bicycles Inline Skate Bearings
    Fiber Processing Machines Inline Skate Bearings
    Fiber Processing Machines
    Food Machines Inline Skate Bearings
    Food Machines
    Medical Devices Inline Skate Bearings
    Medical Devices
    Scooters Inline Skate Bearings
    Skateboards Inline Skate Bearings

    LLG-Your Professional Inline Skate Bearing Supplier

    LLG Inline Skate Bearings

    LLG Inline skate bearings come in different types and size that suit rollerblades and inline skate needs and requirements. LLG inline skate bearings are one of the fastest bearings in the world. Most of the inline skates used the standard size of the bearing, which is 8mm, and all wheels require two bearings, so if the inline skate has eight wheels, it needs 16 packs of bearings.

    Our LLG inline skate bearings follow ISO standards which are the international standards of bearing. LLG inline skate bearings have different types, ceramic, titanium, and steel, same with skateboard bearings. However, the most recommended bearing to be used is the ceramic inline skate bearings, which have higher speed performance, superior intensity, corrosion resistance, and lighter weight.

    LLG used advanced technologies in producing inline skate bearings, and we are offering fast and reliable delivery processes to our customers.

    Choose us! Choose LLG inline skate bearings, your number one bearing solution. Just send us your inquiries!

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