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LLG are expert idler-bearing provider and producer for the past 18 years of involvements. We offer a-list idler bearing of different sizes and sizes.

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    LLG Idler Bearings

    LLG is your confided-in provider of idler bearings in China. We likewise send out countless idler bearing all over the world. LLG utilizes trend-setting innovation to make premium quality idler bearings.

    We adhere to worldwide bearing guidelines and can give good OEM and non-standard idler bearing. Welcome to arrange idler bearing in minimal amounts and mass orders. Assuming you need to arrange with us, contact us right away.

    LLG Idler Bearing Series

    Idler Bearing 62 Series

    Shaft Diameter: 12mm-20mm
    Inner Ring Diameter: 18.5mm-28.88mm
    Max Shaft: 17mm-27mm
    Featuring: 6212-20 Idler Bearing lay on the loose side.

    Idler Bearing 62 Series

    Shaft Diameter: 25mm-35mm
    Inner Ring Diameter: 34.4mm-46.9mm
    Max Shaft: 33mm-44mm
    Featuring: 6225-35 Idler Bearing minimize the space for belt distribution.

    Idler Bearing 62 Series

    Shaft Diameter: 40mm-50mm
    Inner Ring Diameter: 52.6mm-62.5mm
    Max Shaft: 50mm-62mm
    Featuring: 6240-50 Idler Bearing avoid noise caused by off-line strap.

    Idler Bearing 63 Series

    Shaft Diameter: 12mm-20mm
    Inner Ring Diameter: 19.5mm-30.4mm
    Max Shaft: 19mm-29mm
    Featuring: 6312-20 Idler Bearing avoid belt slippage.

    Idler Bearing 63 Series

    Shaft Diameter: 25mm-35mm
    Inner Ring Diameter: 36.6mm-49.6mm
    Max Shaft: 36mm-49mm
    Featuring: 6325-35 Idler Bearing motive power transmission from the crankshaft.

    Idler Bearing 63 Series

    Shaft Diameter: 40mm-50mm
    Inner Ring Diameter: 36.1mm-68.8mm
    Max Shaft: 55mm-68mm
    Featuring: 6340-50 Idler Bearing provide tension to the belt.

    Why LLG Idler Bearings

    The LLG Idler Bearing is a significant piece of each transport line. They’re a genuinely modest gigantic item that anybody can utilize, yet (basically) nobody thinks of idler bearings as except if they come up short.

    With LLG Idler Bearings, it has the option to oblige misalignments of up to 0.004 radians. These consider shaft avoidance under load and unavoidable assembling mistakes. The 0.004-radian number is sensible because deviations over this worth will antagonistically influence many stamp plans of the idler bearings.

    Idler Bearing Producing

    LLG Idler Bearings Application Areas

    Compressors Idler Bearing
    Automotive Idler Bearing
    Garden Machines Idler Bearing
    Garden Machines
    Transmission Idler Bearing
    Motorcycle Repair Idler Bearing
    Motorcycle Repair
    Wind Power Idler Bearing
    Wind Power
    Gearbox Idler Bearing
    Agricultural Machines Idler Bearing
    Agricultural Machines

    LLG-Your Professional Idler Bearing Supplier

    The LLG Idler Bearing

    LLG Idler Bearing has an enormous surface region, and the size of the bearings is more prominent than their distance across proportion. LLG Idler Bearing orientation can withstand higher burdens.

    LLG Idler Bearing, one is a complete supplement Idler Bearing, and the other is a slenderer enclosure Idler Bearing, which has a lower load limit than a full supplement Idler Bearing.

    LLG Idler Bearing is the best option for fast and rock-solid applications. Idler Bearing of countless of sizes and kinds are accessible. Excellent Idler Bearing OEM can likewise be provided.

    LLG offers an after-deals administration to meet all client needs and necessities.

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