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LLG is specialized in manufacturing top brands of products like hydraulic bearing that are very useful to your business needs, to support the fast-paced growing industries. We export various kinds of bearing worldwide. Here in LLG, we have our warehouse and equipment to suffice all bulk orders for hydraulic bearing.

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    The Hydraulic Bearing from LLG

    LLG is superb in providing one of the best services for all our customers, our hydraulic bearing suffices every agriculture industry, petroleum industry, and many more. Here in LLG, we secure that our product is durable and has a long service life for usage in any application of hydraulic bearing. Our Hydraulic bearing when the pressure of active fluid it supports the load of force.

    LLG Hydraulic Bearing Series

    Hydraulic Bearing Product Series

    Inner Diameter: 35mm – 50mm
    Outer Diameter: 73mmm – 90mm
    Width: 23mm – 30mm
    Feature: Swift movement and maintenance-free

    Hydraulic Bearing Product Series

    Inner Diameter:30.77mm – 52mm
    Outer Diameter:48mm- 106mm
    Width:18.5mm – 35mm
    Feature: Precise in aligning , low noise and swift

    Hydraulic Bearing Product Series

    Inner Diameter: 41.36mm – 70mm
    Outer Diameter: 67mm – 125mm
    Width: 37mm – 36mm
    Feature: functionality is to reduce bearing clearance

    Hydraulic Bearing Product Series

    Inner Diameter: 25mm – 45mm
    Outer Diameter: 50mm – 75mm
    Width:20mm – 28mm
    Feature: Resistance on the oiliest and grease.

    Hydraulic Bearing Product Series

    Inner Diameter: 24.83mm – 60mm
    Outer Diameter: 41mm – 130mm
    Width: 17mm – 31.6mm
    Feature: No sliding in friction and ductile rotation

    Hydraulic Bearing Product Series

    Inner Diameter: 35mm – 60mm
    Outer Diameter: 72mm – 110mm
    Width: 19mm – 28mm
    Feature: self-sufficient and fast-moving with low noise

    Why LLG Hydraulic Bearing

    LLG Hydraulic bearing is factory reassemble and lubricated and it is not time-consuming for installation, issues on installation contamination and bearing clearance is eliminated, ensuring more hydraulic bearing life. Here in LLG, our hydraulic bearing is quiet, very powerful, and has very good static pressure it can compare on the market.

    hydraulic bearing producing

    The Application Area of Hydraulic Bearing

    hydraulic pumps hydraulic bearing
    Hydraulic pumps
    manufacturing plant hydraulic bearing
    Manufacturing plant
    Printing Industry hydraulic bearing
    Printing Industry
    Rolling mills hydraulic bearing
    Rolling mills
    Textile and Garment Industry hydraulic bearing
    Textile and Garment
    Automotive hydraulic bearing
    Building materials Industry hydraulic bearing
    Building materials Industry
    Energy and Mining Industry Hydraulic Bearing
    Energy and Mining Industry

    LLG - Your Professional Hydraulic Bearing Supplier

    LLG Hydraulic Bearing

    LLG Hydraulic bearing is less noise, less vibration, high precision, and long life. LLG hydraulic bearing is commonly used in the steel industry, mining, and construction, papermaking machines, wind turbines, gearboxes, electric motors, pumps and compressors, and motorcycles, in all kinds of professional machinery, and heavy industry.

    The hydraulic bearing can bear a larger single direction of axial load, engage a certain amount of radial load, and a unique treatment of heat process allowing products to achieve the best proportion stability and roughness to decrease wear of the hydraulic bearing.

    Purchasing Hydraulic Bearing of LLG can be distinguished base on the highest speed and acceleration capacity, intact stiffness and accuracy, low friction and heat generation with lubricated and extended operation life of our hydraulic bearing.

    We ensure the quality or our product in every purchase made.

    All LLG Hydraulic Bearings are produced by advanced equipment machines, automated in assembling, and testing types of machinery.

    All these make the Hydraulic Bearings with stable performances and ensured quality. Just send us your inquiries!

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