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We have more than 20 years of business, producing high-quality of bearings like hybrid ceramic bearings that are applied in different projects and applications. LLG already exports a large number of hybrid ceramic bearings in more than 40 countries.

  • Produce large volume of hybrid ceramic bearings;
  • We customized bearings according to your preferences;
  • Comply with ISO standards;
  • Excellent customer service;
  • We have a fast delivery process.
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    LLG Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

    Are you searching for reliable suppliers and manufacturers of hybrid ceramic bearings? Choose LLG. We are experts in producing all types of bearing with different sizes. We offer competitive prices of bearings in the global market.

    You can pick any design and dimension of hybrid ceramic bearings depends on your applications’ requirements. Our professional engineers and skillful workers make LLG hybrid ceramic bearings, and we use modern technologies in production to be more efficient in supplying large quantities of bearings.

    We accept small orders with after-sale services. Just keep in touch!

    LLG Hybrid Ceramic Bearings Series

    Angular Contact Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

    Diameter: 6mm-360mm

    Outside Diameter: 17mm-480mm

    Width: 5mm-65mm

    Featuring: Hybrid ceramic bearing with angle design between races and the balls. The retainer and races  are made from stainless steel or chrome steel, while the balls are made with silicon nitride.

    Deep Groove Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

    Diameter: 5mm-180mm

    Outside Diameter: 16mm-380mm

    Width: 5mm-75mm

    Featuring: Hybrid ceramic bearings in deep groove ball style consist of ceramic balls and races that are made from steel. Non-separable bearings and can accommodate higher loads, axial or radial forces.

    Cylindrical Roller Hybrid Ceramic Bearing

    Diameter: 40mm-100mm

    Outside Diameter: 68mm-160mm

    Width: 15mm-35mm

    Featuring: Hybrid ceramic bearings in cylindrical rollers are made from unique steel materials and silicon nitride rollers. They are applied in high-speed operations with extended service life.

    Angular Contact Axial Hybrid Ceramic Bearing

    Diameter: 6mm-360mm

    Outside Diameter: 17mm-480mm

    Width: 5mm-65mm

    Featuring: Hybrid ceramic bearing can carry higher speed of applications; cages or inner or outer rings made of stainless or chrome steel, while balls are made from silicon nitride. Reduced friction and heat resistance.

    Why LLG Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

    LLG hybrid ceramic bearings are a combined with balls made from silicon nitride and steel races. These bearings are applied and used for higher speed, higher loads, and high-heat temperature applications.

    LLG hybrid ceramic bearings have extended service life and a low cost of maintenance. LLG hybrid ceramic bearings are perfect for applications that are seeking less friction during operations.

    Ball made from silicon nitride in hybrid ceramic bearings require less lubrication maintenance.

    We are accepting customized bearings based on our customers’ needs and requirements. Please send us your inquiries, and we will be happy to assist you through the process.

    Hybrid Ceramic Bearings Producing

    LLG Hybrid Bearing Application Areas:

    Aerospace Hybrid Ceramic Bearing
    Dental drills Hybrid Ceramic Bearing
    Dental Drills
    Electric Motors Hybrid Ceramic Bearing
    Electric Motors
    Laboratory Equipment Hybrid Ceramic Bearing
    Laboratory Equipment
    Machine Tool Spindle Hybrid Ceramic Bearing
    Machine Tool Spindle
    Manufacturing Plant Hybrid Ceramic Bearing
    Manufacturing Plant
    Racing Vehicles Hybrid Ceramic Bearing
    Racing Vehicles
    Industrial Pumps Hybrid Ceramic Bearing
    Industrial Pumps

    LLG-Your Professional Hybrid Ceramic Bearing Supplier

    LLG Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

    LLG hybrid ceramic bearings are mostly in operations that has extreme heat and heavy loads. You can enjoy many features of our LLG hybrid ceramic bearings, suitable in a many of operations.

    Hybrid ceramic bearings are non-magnetic, non-corrosive, non-porous and it has lighter weight than bearing made from steel.

    You can choose various ceramic balls for your bearings: Silicon Carbide, Alumina Oxide, Zirconia Oxide, and Silicon Nitride. This ceramic ball can extend your bearings life.

    LLG hybrid bearings are applied in laboratory equipment, electric motors, skateboards, underwater applications, garment machinery, dental drills, optical scanner, and many others.

    We comply with ISO standards for all of our bearing and customize services are open here in LLG. LLG focuses on the highest bearing output and services. We aim to give 100% satisfaction to all customers who have trusted us for many long years.

    We are very open to all of your queries; keep in touch!

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