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LLG is the best supplier of hybrid bearings in China, with more than ten years of experience. We also provide customization services to meet the clients’ requirements. Our hybrid bearings follow international standards with the teamwork of our professional workers and engineers, and our modern machinery supplies excellent quality hybrid bearing worldwide.

·       Great customer service;
·       OEM and non-standard services;
·       Large inventories;
·       Provide large quantity of hybrid bearings;
·       Comply with ISO standards.

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    LLG Hybrid Bearing

    LLG is a professional supplier and exporter of hybrid bearings in different countries in the world. With the use of our advanced technologies and machinery, we provide the top-graded quality of hybrid bearings, and together with the cooperation of our expert workers, we exceed the requirements and our client’s expectations.

    We are accepting small orders, and we provide after-sales services. For inquiries, contact us!

    LLG Hybrid Bearing Series

    Cylindrical Roller Hybrid Bearing

    Diameter: 40mm-100mm

    Outside Diameter: 68mm-160mm

    Width: 15mm-35mm

    Featuring: Cylindrical hybrid bearing has cages made of special steel and rolling elements made of silicon nitride that make them harder than steel balls. These cylindrical hybrid bearings are suitable for high speeds and can carry axial and radial loads. Long service life.

    Deep Groove Ball Hybrid Bearing

    Diameter: 5mm-180mm

    Outside Diameter: 16mm-380mm

    Width: 5mm-75mm

    Featuring: Deep groove hybrid bearing consists of ceramic roller elements with rings made of steel. These hybrid bearings are non-separable and suitable for higher speeds that carry axial and radial loads: higher rate, reduced risk of smearing, and electric current resistance.

    Angular Contact Ball Hybrid Bearing

    Diameter: 6mm-360mm

    Outside Diameter: 17mm-480mm

    Width: 5mm-65mm

    Featuring: Angular contact ball hybrid bearing has high rigidity working operations. Steel cages and ceramic balls made of silicon nitride. These bearings are non-separable and suitable for higher speeds.

    Axial Angular Contact Ball Hybrid Bearing

    Diameter: 6mm-360mm

    Outside Diameter: 17mm-480mm

    Width: 5mm-65mm

    Featuring: Axial Angular contact ball hybrid bearing is applicable in high-speed operations. Steel cages and balls made of silicon nitride. Higher speed reduced friction and has heat resistance.

    Why LLG Hybrid Bearing

    LLG used advanced technologies and follow international standards to produce the highest quality of hybrid bearing. We also offer OEM and non-standard services to meet client’s requirements.

    LLG Hybrid bearing accepts small quantity orders and provides us your drawing and designs for customization services. LLG is an expert in manufacturing hybrid bearing and worldwide exporter for more than ten years.

    We also offer after-sales services, and a large volume of stocks are available for bulk orders.

    We are looking forward to building a business relationship with you. Try now our LLG hybrid bearing; for inquiries, contact us!

    Hybrid Bearing Producing

    LLG Hybrid Bearing Application Areas:

    Aerospace Hybrid Ceramic Bearing
    Dental drills Hybrid Ceramic Bearing
    Dental Drills
    Electric Motors Hybrid Ceramic Bearing
    Electric Motors
    Laboratory Equipment Hybrid Ceramic Bearing
    Laboratory Equipment
    Machine Tool Spindle Hybrid Ceramic Bearing
    Machine Tool Spindle
    Manufacturing Plant Hybrid Ceramic Bearing
    Manufacturing Plant
    Racing Vehicles Hybrid Ceramic Bearing
    Racing Vehicles
    Industrial Pumps Hybrid Ceramic Bearing
    Industrial Pumps

    LLG-Your Professional Hybrid Bearing Supplier

    LLG Hybrid Bearing

    LLG hybrid bearings are designed to accommodate higher speed and higher temperature of working operations. Hybrid bearing cages are made of a special kind of steel, and the balls are made of Silicon Nitride that more durable than the steel ball.

    Because of the Silicon Nitride rolling elements, it can extend the service life of the bearing performance.

    LLG hybrid bearings are suitable in aerospace, Performance racing vehicles, Laboratory equipment, Underwater applications, Machine tool spindle, Pumps, Dental drills, and Optical scanners.

    LLG hybrid bearing follows ISO standards with a very competitive price. Minimum orders, OEM with premium quality, and bearing drawing and designs are also accepted.

    LLG hybrid bearing focuses on the quality of our bearing products; that is why we have strict quality control from the production to the delivery process. We also have professional staff, and we use modern machinery.

    Get and buy now our LLG hybrid bearing. For more inquiries, please contact us, and we are ready to assist you.

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