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You should select the bearings for your gearbox with great care, as they can influence the performance of your automobile. The bearings you use should be able to manage the levels of torque and speed efficiently, as well as promote the transmission.

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LLG offers an extensive range of bearings for industrial gearboxes. Bearings that are used in gearboxes are the standard types of bearings like cylindrical roller bearings, angular contact bearings, tapered roller bearings, deep groove ball bearings, and spherical roller bearings. These bearings will help gearboxes achieve longer operating life, reduce noise, reduce vibrations, and resist high-temperature applications. LLG also provides lightweight, high rigidity, and low-cost maintenance bearings for gearboxes.

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The gear units are used to regular the transmission torque and motion direction while also controlling the transmission. In this way, it ensures the efficiency of the transmission gear’s operation.

Gear is used in wind power generators, automotive transmissions, decelerators in amusement park rides, Etc.

While these gears do offer a critical to regular operation in different electrical items/machines, they can’t maintain top condition and efficient performance without the bearing. Hence, with the bearing’s presence, the overall gear’s performance and service life can increase effectively.

LLG Group understands precisely how low precision bearings can cause negative outcomes. From loud noise operations to solid shocks and even a harmful environmental factor, all of this can be caused by low precision bearings.

For LLG, we aim to produce bearings that consist of intellectual property and are patented. These bearings are mainly known and prioritized for their energy conservation, low noise performance, low vibration, and highly reliable and efficient performance.

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