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LLG is your trusted manufacturer of friction bearings for more than 20 years. We are also a supplier and exporter of various types of bearing worldwide. We create the top-graded quality of bearings that follows the international standard.

  • Minimum and bulk orders are accepted;
  • Great customer service;
  • ISO compliance;
  • A large range of bearings are provided;
  • Custom-made bearings are available.
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    LLG Friction Bearings

    LLG creates the highest feature of friction bearings that exceed customer’s expectations. We are using high technologies and machinery to provide you the top quality of friction bearings and other types of bearings.

    We are the number one supplier of friction bearing in various parts of the world. Just send us your inquiries!

    LLG Friction Bearing Series

    Rolling Element Bearings

    Diameter: 10mm-150mm

    Outside Diameter: 18mm-320mm

    Width: 8mm-65mm

    Featuring: Low-rolling friction. Applicable for both lightweight and heavy loads. These includes balls, rollers, tapered rollers, needle rollers, and cylindrical rollers.

    Plain Bearings

    Diameter: 12mm-300mm

    Outside Diameter: 22mm-430mm

    Width: 10mm-165mm

    Featuring: Simplest type of bearing; no rolling elements, just a bearing surface. Compact and lightweight and can handle high loads.

    Jewel Bearings

    Diameter: .030”-.177”

    Outside Diameter: .0788”-.4583”

    Width: 031”- 220”

    Featuring: Jewel bearings are commonly used in mechanical watches, instruments, control devices. Reduced friction and has a long service life.

    Why LLG Friction Bearings

    LLG is your number one supplier and manufacturer of friction bearings for 20 years. We create the highest quality of friction bearings that follows ISO standards.

    LLG friction bearings have a longer service life and low-cost maintenance. We offer you the top-graded friction bearings that will exceed your expectations.

    We have pre-sale and after-sale services and we accept minimum orders. We used to advance technology and machinery to provide you the highest feature of friction bearing.

    LLG has a wide range of bearing supplies, ready for bulk orders. We export various types of bearings all over the world. Just contact us!

    Roller Thrust Bearings Producing

    LLG Friction Bearing Application Areas:

    Agricultural Industry Friction Bearings
    Agricultural Industry
    Aviation Cargo System Friction Bearings
    Aviation Cargo System
    Bicycle Friction Bearings
    Crankshaft Friction Bearings
    Engines Friction Bearings
    Intermediate Shaft Friction Bearings
    Intermediate Shaft
    Rocker Arm Friction Bearings
    Rocker Arm
    Watches Friction Bearings

    LLG-Your Professional Friction Bearing Supplier

    LLG Friction Bearings

    LLG friction bearings is a non-moving bearing surface that reduced friction in rotating surfaces. Friction bearings use lubricating oil.

    Friction bearings have a soft consistency with the ability to implant foreign matter. LLG friction bearings are applicable in specific areas such as magnetic fields, crack shafts, rocker arms, Etc.

    LLG friction bearings follow global standards and we have a large volume of bearings and ready for bulk orders. We are your one-stop bearings solutions offering fast delivery and we have pre-sale and after-sale services.

    LLG friction bearings has different sizes and designs. Buy now! Just send us an email and we will guide you throughout the process.

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