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LLG is a professional manufacturer and supplier of all types of bearings in China and export bearings in more than 40 countries. We offer the fastest delivery process, and we accept minimum orders.

  • You’ll find here the highest feature of flat bearings;
  • Large quantity of flat bearings supplies;
  • OEM flat bearings services are available;
  • LLG flat bearings passed in ISO qualifications.
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    LLG Flat Bearings

    Here in LLG, our goal is to cater to all the needs and requirements of our bearing customers, and because of that, we always make sure that we supply them the top-quality flat bearings in different sizes and dimensions.

    LLG is a reliable manufacturer of bearings in China. LLG has the advanced type of machinery and high-tech facilities which creates the highest flat quality of bearings for our customers. If you need assistance with bearings, contact us!

    LLG Flat Bearings Series

    FT Series Linear Roller Flat Bearings

    Roller Width: 10mm-80mm

    Roller Length: 32mm-500mm

    Featuring: Flat roller bearings is a linear guide that consists of a thin pressed steel plate that retains rollers precision.

    FTW Series Linear Roller Flat Bearings

    Roller Width: 10mm-80mm

    Roller Length: 32mm-500mm

    Featuring: These series have two or more rows of rollers with cages design to bend in 90 degrees Celsius.

    Needle Roller Thrust Flat Bearings

    Diameter: 4mm-160mm

    Outside Diameter: 14mm-200mm

    Featuring: Can accommodate heavy axial force and peak loads with long-life service; hogh speed capacity with less friction.

    Why LLG Flat Bearings

    LLG flat bearings consist of flat rollers suitable for large machinery and machine tools that need stiffness and rigidity with less friction and are easy to install. LLG flat bearings come in different designs and sizes.

    LLG is very expert in creating the finest flat bearings that met customer’s needs and requirements.  We are ISO qualified, and we offer customized flat bearings according to your drawings and designs.

    LLG has the complete process of modern equipment and testing equipment in our factory that guarantees the world-class quality of flat bearings at a competitive price.

    Flat Bearings Producing

    LLG Flat Bearings Application Areas:

    Automotive Flat Bearings
    Engines Flat Bearings
    Heavy Equipment Flat Bearings
    Heavy Equipment
    Industrial Machinery Flat Bearings
    Industrial Machinery
    Medical Equipment Flat Bearings
    Medical Equipment
    Mining & Construction Flat Bearings
    Mining & Construction
    Aerospace Flat Bearings
    Solar Panels Flat Bearings
    Solar Panels

    LLG-Your Professional Flat Bearing Supplier

    LLG Flat Bearings

    LLG flat bearings are made of a unique quality of materials such as chrome steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, and they can also be made of ceramic materials. There are flat bearings: the linear roller flat bearings and the other one is the needle roller thrust flat bearings.

    LLG flat bearings come in various styles and designs, and we also offer custom-made flat bearings according to customers’ preferences. LLG flat bearings with high precision, long service life, high speed, reduced noise, high reliability, and less friction.

    Our company is ISO 9001:2008 certified; we have strict quality control in every manufacturing process. LLG will always be your trusted bearings suppliers with more than 20 years of experience.

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