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The agriculture industry requires sturdier, and more efficient machinery as it develops. Therefore, the bearings that are used in tractors, harvesters, and other farm equipment need to be precise and easy to work with.

LLG Provides You The Top Farm Equipment Bearing

With nearly 20 years of production experience, our factory specializes in the production of standard or non-standard LLG Bearings, thrust cylindrical roller bearings, combined bearings, needle roller cage components, etc. Which are used in automobiles, motorcycles, textile machinery, printing machinery. And can make non-standard needle roller bearings for users with drawings and samples. We LLG Bearing, live with the principle of integrity, cooperation, and mutual benefit, we will open the market for customers and the company to achieve a win-win situation in their interests.

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LLG Bearing Your Original Bearing Supplier

  • It has almost 20 years of supplying bearings overseas.
  • It offers OEM services to clients.
  • It accepts small quantity orders to customers.
  • It has established qualified partnerships worldwide.

Over the years, we can visibly see the growing demand for modern agriculture in our surroundings and the benefits it provides us. However, this demand may have benefited the ordinary population; it has also overwhelmed the farm equipment’s workload during tasks like planting and harvesting.

At times like these, our high-quality bearings can serve as the perfect solution to efficiently operate these farming equipment’s/machines. In simpler terms, it can help in reducing these machine’s shutdown time and maintenance costs.

Apart from all this, such agricultural equipment also encounters various harsh environments. For instance:

  • In Spring: If we talk about the increased temperature situations in the spring season, the soil becomes very soft and moist. The farming equipment can quickly sink in the ground in such soil conditions. As a result, the load capacity of the equipment increases.
  • In Autumn: such weather conditions make the crops extremely dusty. This dust can be stored in the internal bearing inside the machine/equipment. As a result, this increases the bearing friction of the machine while reducing the service life.

But that is not something you need to worry about, especially with our bearings comprising 620Mpa load capacity. With these bearings around, such problems occurring in different seasons like spring, etc., can be easily solved. Apart from that, our bearings were developed with an excellent lubricating effect that reduced the machine’s overall fabrication and energy consumption. As a result, it offers more efficiency and reduced maintenance costs from the farming equipment, using our bearings – in either autumn or spring.

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