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LLG is professional manufacturer of elastomeric bearings and other kinds of bearings. We have various sizes and dimensions of elastomeric bearings. OEM and non-standard with premium quality are also available.

  • Durable & long service life of bearings;
  • Fast delivery process;
  • Top-rated quality of elastomeric bearings;
  • Minimum orders are accepted.
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    LLG Elastomeric Bearings

    LLG is well-known company producing large volume of elastomeric bearings and any other kind of bearings. We supply and export various type of bearings worldwide. LLG creates the five-star quality of elastomeric bearings to meet all clients’ needs and requirements.

    Customer satisfaction is always our priority. LLG also provides pre-sale and after-sale services to ensure we provide all the needs of every client. We have a vast range of elastomeric bearings open for bulk and minimum orders. Get yours now!

    LLG Elastomeric Bearing Series

    Plain Elastomeric Bearings

    Load: 7 MPa-14 MPa

    Movement: ± 12 mm – ± 16 mm

    Featuring: Can be used for bridges, steel structures, storage tanks, buildings, viaducts, isolation, Etc.

    Laminated Elastomeric Bearings

    Load: 7 MPa

    Movement: ± 70 mm

    Featuring: Can be used for building bridges and viaducts; for isolation and vibrations. Made of high-quality of neoprene.

    Sliding Elastomeric Bearings

    Load: 7 MPa – 14 MPa

    Movement: No restriction

    Featuring: Can be used for buildings, viaducts, bridges. Steel or stainless steel plate.

    Thin Sliders Elastomeric Bearings

    Load: 4.8 – 7 MPa

    Movement: ± 6 mm

    Featuring: Can be used in a parking garage, subways, buildings, Etc, and used in light loads.

    Why LLG Elastomeric Bearings

    LLG elastomeric bearings are made for buildings constructions, bridge, storage tanks, viaducts, Etc. LLG elastomeric bearing is manufactured with high-rated quality rubber or neoprene. We have different designs of elastomeric bearings that meets the needs and requirements of every structures.

    We used high machinery and technology to provide the highest feature of elastomeric bearings to our clients. LLG elastomeric bearings follow international standards of bearings. OEM and non-standard quality elastomeric bearings are also available.

    LLG accepts customized bearings; give us your drawing and designs. Buy one now! Just contact us.

    Elastomeric Bearings Producing

    LLG Elastomeric Bearings Application Areas:

    Bridges Elastomeric Bearings
    Buildings Elastomeric Bearings
    Highways Elastomeric Bearings
    Infrastructure Elastomeric Bearings
    Marine Vessels Elastomeric Bearings
    Marine Vessels
    Railways Elastomeric Bearings
    Storage Tanks Elastomeric Bearings
    Storage Tanks
    Viaducts Elastomeric Bearings

    LLG-Your Professional Elastomeric Bearing Supplier

    LLG Elastomeric Bearings

    LLG elastomeric bearings are used in bridges, buildings, highways, and it helps control the vibrations and earthquake motions of every application or structure. Elastomeric bearing comes in various designs and sizes to cater the necessary loads of specific structures.

    LLG elastomeric ranges in different types; plain bearings, laminated bearings, sliding bearings, and thin sliders. Plain elastomeric bearings are usually used in limited loads of applications. Loads are depending on the type of pads.

    LLG elastomeric bearings pads are used under steel beams or concrete beams. LLG elastomeric bearings pads are made of excellent quality neoprene.

    LLG elastomeric bearings help increase the bearing resistance to vertical loads. LLG has a vast range of elastomeric bearings available for bulk orders. We have fast delivery process, and we offer after-sale services.

    We hope to have a long-term business relationship with you. Choose us, choose LLG elastomeric bearings. For more inquiries, contact us.

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