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Our company provides the top-graded quality of bearings in all types, and we are the number one supplier and manufacturer of all kinds of bearing with different sizes and designs. We can customize bearings according to our customer’s preferences.

  • We accept minimum orders;
  • ISO certified;
  • High quality of bearings materials;
  • We used advanced technology and machinery.
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    LLG Du Bearings

    We are the trusted supplier of du bearings since the year 2003. LLG du bearings are applied in a wide range of operations with world-class features supporting all projects and businesses. We offer many bearing services, and we have the fastest delivery process. LLG du bearing exports a large quantity of du bearings in more than 40 countries in the world. Just send us your inquiries!

    LLG Du Bearings Series

    Du Cylindrical Bush Bearing

    Diameter: 2mm- 300mm

    Outside Diameter: 3.5mm-305mm

    Width: 3.25mm-100.50mm

    Featuring: High load capacity and excellent resistance to shock loading.

    Du Flanged Bush Bearing

    Diameter: 3mm-45mm

    Outside Diameter: 4.5mm-50mm

    Width: 4.25mm-26.25mm

    Featuring: Suitable for all types of rotating motion and can carry radial and axial loads.

    Du Flanged Washers

    Diameter: 40.7mm-101mm

    Outside Diameter: 75.0mm-139mm

    Width: 44.0mm-104mm

    Featuring: Can be used dry, fully lubricated, or intermittent lubrication.

    Du Thrust Washers

    Diameter: 10mm-62mm

    Outside Diameter: 20mm-90mm

    Thickness:  1.50mm-2.0mm

    Featuring: High load capacity and excellent resistance to shock loading.

    Why LLG Du Bearings

    LLG du bearings are self-lubricating, metal-polymer plain bearings. These bearings can accommodate higher loads. LLG du bearings are made of rigid steel that provides mechanical strength.

    Our LLG du bearing has less friction that reduces power loss, and has a long service life. LLG offers OEM with premium materials, and if you want to make your bearing customized, provide your drawings and designs to us.

    We have all types of du bearings with a variety of sizes and dimensions. Just contact us!

    Du Bearings Producing

    LLG Du Bearing Application Areas:

    Agricultural Du Bearings
    Automotive Du Bearings
    Aviation Du Bearings
    Garden or Outdoor Equipment Du Bearings
    Garden or Outdoor Equipment
    Home Appliances Du Bearings
    Home Appliances
    Material Handling Du Bearings
    Material Handling
    Medical & Dental Equipment Du Bearings
    Medical & Dental Equipment
    Off-highway Equipment Du Bearings
    Off-highway Equipment

    LLG-Your Professional Du Bearing Supplier

    LLG Du Bearings

    LLG Du bearings including cylindrical bushes, flanged bushes, thrust washers, and flanged washers that follow international standards. LLG Du bearings require no lubrication and exhibit a low wear rate.

    LLG Du bearings are suitable for applications with high temperature; it has seizure resistance, light, and compact. LLG Du bearings are applied in many areas like railway equipment, agricultural, automotive, outdoor equipment, home appliances, packaging, medical and dental equipment, Etc.

    You can choose any size and type of bearing, and we offer custom-made du bearing according to clients’ preferences. Please get in touch with us for inquiries.

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