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Are you in need of a reliable company and supplier of high-quality double bearings? LLG will be the right choice. We have various sizes and designs of all types of bearings, and we also export worldwide. We accept minimum orders;

  • All bearings are ISO qualified;
  • We deliver worldwide;
  • We have excellent customer service;
  • Trusted supplier with more than 20 years of experience.
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    LLG Double Bearings

    LLG is a professional manufacturer and supplier of double bearings and all types of bearings with different sizes and dimensions. We supply the highest features of double bearings since 2003 together with our professional workers and with the use of our high technology and advanced machinery, we can give 100% satisfaction to our bearing customers. Our top priority is to provide excellent bearing services to our beloved customers. Just contact us!

    LLG Double Bearings Series

    NNU Series Cylindrical Roller Double Bearings

    Diameter: 5.1181”- 44.0945”

    Outside Diameter: 7.8740”- 57.4803”

    Width: 2.0472”- 13.1890”

    Feature: Double bearing with separable inner race with brass cage; can carry radial and axial force in both directions.

    NN Series Cylindrical Roller Double Bearings

    Diameter: 5.1181”- 46.4567”

    Outside Diameter: 7.8740”- 60.6299”

    Width: 2.0472”- 13.9764”

    Feature: Double bearing with separable outer race; can accommodate heavy loads; with brass cage.

    Double Bearings Chrome Steel Series

    Diameter: 5mm-80mm

    Outside Diameter: 14mm-100mm

    Width: 7mm-15mm

    Featuring: Double bearings with retainer materials made by chrome steel; long service life.

    Double Bearings Stainless Steel Series

    Diameter: 10mm-50mm

    Outside Diameter: 30mm-90mm

    Width: 14.3mm-30.14mm

    Featuring: Double row bearings made of stainless steel with enclosure material made by a rubber seal.

    Double Bearings Ceramic Hybrid Series

    Diameter: 20mm-80mm

    Outside Diameter: 42mm-140mm

    Width: 16mm-44mm

    Featuring: Double row angular ceramic bearings consist of steel races and Si3N4 ceramic balls.

    Double Bearings Standard Steel Series

    Diameter: 8mm-50mm

    Outside Diameter: 12mm-80mm

    Width: 11mm-32mm

    Featuring: Consist of races, balls, and retainer made of various steel such as chrome steel and stainless steel.

    Why LLG Double Bearings

    LLG double bearings consist of two rows of bearing balls, and the good thing is that double bearings can applied in both axial and radial loads in both directions. LLG double bearings with a feature of high rigidity and are compact.

    Double row bearings can be cylindrical double row bearings, angular ball bearings, or deep groove ball bearings. LLG is also offering customized services according to customers’ needs and requirements.

    We also have an OEM double bearings service with premium quality. We provide all kinds of double bearings in variety of sizes and designs. Just send us your inquiries!

    Double Bearings Producing

    LLG Double Bearing Application Areas:

    Pumps Double Bearings
    Agricultural Machinery Double Bearings
    Agricultural Machinery
    Conveyors Double Bearings
    Elevators Double Bearings
    Metallurgy Double Bearings
    Mining Double Bearings
    Packaging Equipment Double Bearings
    Packaging Equipment
    Compressors Double Bearings

    LLG-Your Professional Double Bearing Supplier

    LLG Double Bearings

    LLG double bearings are suitable for accommodate higher loads and can carry radial and axial force in both directions. LLG double bearings are applied in heavy load applications like pumps, conveyors machinery, packaging equipment, agricultural machinery, elevators, mining, compressors, and oil mills.

    LLG double bearings can be chrome steel bearing, stainless steel bearings, or ceramic hybrid bearings. We have all types of double bearings and sizes, and we also offer customized bearings and OEM services.

    We supply and export double bearings in various parts of the world. LLG’s top priority is to provide the top-rated quality of bearings to our customers and give all their bearings needs and requirements.

    If you are fascinated with our double bearings, just reach out!

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