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LLG cylindrical bearings is a high-end manufacturing company that provides first-class quality bearing products and services. After so many years of innovation, LLG has grown into a big company. LLG cylindrical bearings passed in ISO quality system certification.

  • Low-cost maintenance;
  • Immediate delivery process;
  • We customized cylindrical bearing according to the customer’s request;
  • Comprehensive after-sale services.
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    LLG Cylindrical Bearings

    LLG cylindrical bearing company follows international standards and has skillful staff that helps produce the five-star rated cylindrical bearings. We are not just a supplier but also an exporter to more than 40 countries in the world.

    We have modern machinery and high technology to provide our customers with the highest quality and features of cylindrical bearing. Extreme quality control is highly implemented here in LLG to ensure that our bearings are of good quality before we distribute them to customers.

    LLG Cylindrical Bearings Series

    Double Row Full Complement Cylindrical Bearings

    Diameter: 15mm-1700mm

    Outside Diameter: 35mm-2060mm

    Width: 11mm-272mm

    Featuring:  Single row cylindrical bearings have a unique cage design and high-speed capability, less friction, and long service life.

    Double Row Cylindrical Bearings

    Diameter: 260mm-1390mm

    Outside Diameter:  440mm-1720mm

    Width: 100mm-550mm

    Featuring: Double row cylindrical bearings are designed to carry heavy radial loads. These bearings are interchangeable.

    Multiple Row Cylindrical Bearings

    Diameter: 127mm-1400mm

    Outside Diameter: 174mm-1900mm

    Width: 130mm-1360mm

    Featuring: Multiple row cylindrical bearings have exceptional higher load capacity suitable for weighty forces.

    Single Row Full Complement Cylindrical Bearings

    Diameter: 20mm-1120mm

    Outside Diameter: 42mm-1360mm

    Width: 16mm-185mm

    Featuring: Single row full complement consist of integral flanges in the inner and outer ring; can accommodate axial load in one direction.

    Double Row Full Complement Cylindrical Bearings

    Diameter: 20mm-400mm

    Outside Diameter: 42mm-600mm

    Width: 25mm-272mm

    Featuring: Double row full complement cylindrical bearings suitable for gear drives, machine tools, and rolling mills.; can carry high loads.

    Why LLG Cylindrical Bearings

    LLG cylindrical bearings are commonly used in some heavy radial loads and high-speed applications. LLG cylindrical bearings are available in a wide range of series, variants, designs, and sizes.

    They differ only on the number of rows, the outer or inner ring flanges, and the cage materials and designs. LLG cylindrical bearings are ISO qualified to meet all the needs and requirements of our clients.

    We also have OEM services, and we accept customized bearings according to client’s preferences. For more inquiries, kindly contact our friendly customer service, and they will assist you throughout the process.

    Cylindrical Bearings Producing

    LLG Cylindrical Bearings Application Areas:

    Electric Motors Cylindrical Bearings
    Electric Motors
    Gearboxes Cylindrical Bearings
    Off-highway Equipment Cylindrical Bearings
    Off-highway Equipment
    Pumps and compressors Cylindrical Bearings
    Pumps and Compressors
    Rail Vehicles Cylindrical Bearings
    Rail Vehicles
    Textile Machinery Cylindrical Bearings
    Textile Machinery
    Vibration Motors Cylindrical Bearings
    Vibration Motors
    Wind Turbines Cylindrical Bearings
    Wind Turbines

    LLG-Your Professional Cylindrical Bearing Supplier

    LLG Cylindrical Bearings

    If you are searching for high quality, long life, reliability, and fewer noise bearings, LLG cylindrical bearings are a perfect choice.

    LLG cylindrical bearings come with different designs and sizes applicable for heavy applications such as pumps & compressors, textile machinery, rail vehicles, stationary gearboxes, rolling mills, electric motors, and more.

    The LLG cylindrical roller can be in a single row or double row, and we also have multi rows cylindrical bearings. Full complement and split-type cylindrical bearings are also available here in LLG. If you want to have customized bearings, no worries, give us your drawings and designs.

    Aside from ISO certification, pour LLG cylindrical bearings has a precision rating of P0, P6, P5, P4 and clearance of C1, C2, C3.

    Please send us an email with your inquiries.

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