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LLG has specialized in producing durable and high-end crankshaft bearings for over 20 years of experience. We never disappoint our customers when it comes to our products and services.

  • All of our crankshaft bearings follow international standards;
  • Minimum and bulk orders are accepted;
  • Different sizes and designs where you can choose;
  • Friendly customer service representatives.
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    LLG Crankshaft Bearings

    LLG is a well-known company in China, with five-star rated quality of crankshaft bearing since 2003. LLG has its factory where all types of bearings are produced and go through extreme quality control, cleaning and inspection.

    LLG used modern and efficient machinery and equipment to provide and meet our client’s needs and requirements. LLG has the fastest delivery process and competitive prices in the global market when it comes to delivery.

    LLG Crankshaft Bearing Series

    Roller Crankshaft Bearings

    Diameter: o.6mm-1700mm

    Outside Diameter: 2.5mm-2060mm

    Width: 1mm-195mm

    Featuring: Roller bearings are applied to the crankshaft during assembly. The crankpin or journal needs to be pressed out of the counterweight to replace bearings that are fitted in this fashion.

    Angular Contact Plain Crankshaft Bearings

    Diameter: 25mm-120mm

    Outside Diameter: 47mm-180mm

    Width: 15mm-38mm

    Featuring: These plain bearings can carry axial and radial loads, split in half and are usually associated with crankcases that support the main bearings.

    Rod End Crankshaft Bearings

    Diameter: 5mm-200mm

    Head Diameter: 19mm-421mm

    Width: 6mm-200mm

    Featuring: Rod ends crankshaft bearing that looks like eye-shaped with integral shank serves as housing for plain spherical bearings with long service life and durable; attach to rods and shafts via a male stud.

    Thrust Plain Crankshaft Bearings

    Diameter: 17mm-120mm

    Outside Diameter: 47mm-230mm

    Width: 16mm-64mm

    Featuring: These plain crankshaft bearings can accommodate axial loads and combine loads (radial and axial).

    Radial Plain Crankshaft Bearings

    Diameter: 4mm-100mm

    Outside Diameter: 12mm-1450mm

    Width: 5mm-710mm

    Featuring: Designed for bearing arrangements where  movement in between housing and shaft crankcases.

    Why LLG Crankshaft Bearings

    If you are in need of a reliable crankshaft supplier, LLG will be the perfect solution. We have all types of bearings, including crankshaft bearings, in different designs and sizes where you can choose according to your needs and requirement.

    There are two types of bearing that can be found in the crankshaft, the roller bearings, and the plain bearings.
    Two types of journals on the crankshaft are the leading journal and the rod journals.

    Crankshaft Bearings Producing

    LLG Crankshaft Bearings Application Areas:

    Agricultural Machinery Crankshaft Bearings
    Agricultural Machinery
    Appliances Crankshaft Bearings
    Automated Machine Crankshaft Bearings
    Automated Machine
    Construction Machineries Crankshaft Bearings
    Construction Machineries
    Machinery Repair Shop Crankshaft Bearings
    Machinery Repair Shop
    Manufacturing Plant Crankshaft Bearings
    Manufacturing Plant
    Printing Equipment Crankshaft Bearings
    Printing Equipment
    Railroads Crankshaft Bearings

    LLG-Your Professional Crankshaft Bearing Supplier

    LLG Crankshaft Bearings

    Crankshaft bearings will have bad performance because of some reasons. First, if there is excessive heat, there’s oil leakage, and it will make the bearings dry out, poor circulation because of the incorrect size of bearings and blockage.

    It is essential to replace bad crankshaft bearings to have better engine performance. LLG offers the highest quality and reliable crankshaft bearings that will long last in engine application.

    You can enjoy many features and services of our bearing products with top-rated features and will surely exceed your expectations. If you want a customized crankshaft bearing, well, LLG can grant your request; just give us your drawings and designs.

    Let us know if you have any questions; you can contact us or email us for your inquiries.

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