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LLG will always be your number one company when it comes to crank bearings and all other types of bearings with the highest quality, durable and long service life. Here in LLG, our customers will be our top priority, and we ensure that we met all of the requirements and needs.

  • Great customer service;
  • A large volume of crank bearings;
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  • More than 20 years of service.
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    LLG Crank Bearing

    LLG is an expert in producing the top-graded quality crank bearings in China since 2003. We used the most advanced technology in production to provide the world-class quality of crank bearings to our customers. We offer customized bearing services and OEMs with premium quality.

    LLG supplies and exports a wide range of crank bearings worldwide. Minimum orders are also welcome here in LLG. LLG crank bearings can offer you fast delivery services, quick response to queries, and all kinds of bearings products. Just send us your inquiries, and we will assist you with your orders.

    LLG Crank Bearings Series

    Roller Crank Bearings

    Diameter: 0.6mm-1700mm

    Outside Diameter: 2.5mm-2060mm

    Width: 1mm-195mm

    Featuring: Roller crank bearings are applied in a crankshaft during assembly. Reduced friction, less noise, and vibration. It has high running speeds and is made of high-quality materials.

    Radial Spherical Plain Crank Bearings

    Diameter: 4mm-1000mm

    Outside Diameter: 12mm-1450mm

    Width: 5mm-710mm

    Featuring: Suitable for dynamic and heavy static loads; can accommodate misalignments with multi-directional movements.

    Thrust Spherical Plain Crank Bearings

    Diameter: 17mm-120mm

    Outside Diameter: 47mm-230mm

    Width: 16mm-64mm

    Featuring: These bearings can accommodate axial and combined loads. These plain bearings are separable with long service life.

    Rod Ends Crank Bearings

    Diameter: 5mm-200mm

    Outside Diameter: 19mm-421mm

    Width: 6mm-200mm

    Featuring: Rod ends bearings with an eye-shaped head, and the purpose is to support and hold the spinning shaft.

    Angular Contact Spherical Plain Crank Bearings

    Diameter: 25mm-120mm

    Outside Diameter: 47mm-180mm

    Width: 15mm-38mm

    Featuring: It can carry radial and axial forces and separable.

    Why LLG Crank Bearings

    LLG supply a wide range of crank bearings in different sizes and dimensions. LLG crank bearings have high corrosion resistance, less friction, and minimal vibrations. Crank bearing here in LLG is applied and suitable in heavy loads operation.

    LLG crank bearings can accommodate misalignment with heat resistance. We produce crank bearings that have a unique treatment surface that improves wear resistance. We also have hybrid bearings combined with ceramic rolling elements and steel races that give a high-speed performance.

    LLG creates the highest quality crank bearing that has multi-directional movements and with fatigue resistance outer races. If you are interested in our LLG crank bearings, send us your inquiries!

    Crank Bearings Producing

    LLG Crank Bearing Application Areas

    Air Conditioners Crank Bearings
    Air Conditioners
    Automotive Crank Bearings
    Bicycle Crank Bearings
    Fax Machines Crank Bearings
    Fax Machines
    Machine Tools Crank Bearings
    Machine Tools
    Power Plants Crank Bearings
    Power Plants
    Pumps Crank Bearings
    Steam Turbines Crank Bearings
    Steam Turbines

    LLG-Your Professional Crank Bearing Supplier

    LLG Crank Bearings

    LLG crank bearings are designed to provide support on crankshafts. Crank bearings are mounted on the crankcase and are usually applied in automotive engines, steam turbines, pumps, power plants, machine tools, Etc.

    LLG crank bearings are classified into two: Roller bearings pressed into the crankshaft, and plain bearings with crankcase usually split into half and support bearing caps.

    LLG crank bearings are used in heavy loading applications and are usually made of copper lead or aluminum alloys. LLG also provides OEM crank bearings with premium materials, and we offer the fastest delivery process worldwide.

    If you are fascinated with our crank bearings, contact us or email us for your inquiries.

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