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Are you looking for a durable and long-life service clutch bearing? LLG is the best solution for your problem. We produce the top features of clutch bearings and all types of bearing for more than 20 years. LLG is a supplier and exporter of different kinds of bearing in China and other parts.

  • LLG clutch bearings follow ISO standards;
  • Wide range of bearings stocks;
  • Excellent customer service;
  • Top bearing manufacturer since 2003.
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    LLG Clutch Bearings

    LLG clutch bearings have an essential role in a clutch system. LLG clutch bearings undergo extreme quality control and inspection. Here in LLG, we focus on the quality of our clutch bearings, and we make sure that our customers are satisfied with our services. LLG has the fastest delivery services, and minimum orders are accepted. Just send us your inquiries!

    LLG Clutch Bearing Series

    RC Standard Needle One Way Clutch Bearings

    Diameter: 0.125”-1”

    Outside Diameter: 0.281”-1.313”

    Width: 0.25”-0.625”

    Features: These bearings are consist of drawn cup roller clutch bearings with plastic or steel springs; single or multi rollers.

    RCB Standard Needle One Way Clutch Bearings

    Diameter: 0.375”-1”

    Outside Diameter: 0.625”-1.313”

    Width: 0.875”-1.063”

    Features: Drawn cup roller clutch has a small radial section called a one-way bearing designed to transmit torque; single or multi rollers.

    HF Standard Needle One Way Clutch Bearings

    Diameter: 3mm-35mm

    Outside Diameter: 6.5mm-42mm

    Width: 6mm-20mm

    Features: One-way bearing that consists of a drawn cup roller clutch with single rollers; can be plastic or steel spring with high performance

    HFL Standard Needle One Way Clutch Bearings

    Diameter: 3mm-35mm

    Outside Diameter: 6.5mm-42mm

    Width: 8mm-30mm

    Features: One-way clutch bearing with multi-rollers and can accommodate higher loads.

    OWC One Way Clutch Bearings

    Diameter: 3mm-10mm

    Outside Diameter: 7.2mm-16mm

    Width: 5.4mm-5.4mm

    Features: Clutch bearings with light, compact, in affordable price. It consists of a stainless roller, sintered alloy outer ring, welded shield plate, and leaf spring.

    EWC One Way Clutch Bearings

    Diameter: 4mm-12mm

    Outside Diameter: 8mm-18mm

    Width: 6mm-16mm

    Features: One-way clutch bearings consist of a drawn cup roller clutch that is made of carburized steel. These bearings are consisting of springs and cages.

    CSK Sprag Type One Way Clutch Bearings

    Diameter: 8mm-40mm

    Outside Diameter: 22mm-80mm

    Width: 9mm-27mm

    Features: Sprag type freewheel with radial bearing series and its internal part of the bearings is protected by a seal.

    Why LLG Clutch Bearings

    LLG clutch bearings are ISO standards qualified, and we used modern technologies to create the finest clutch bearings in the world. There are different types and various sizes of LLG clutch bearings.

    LLG is the top manufacturer and supplier in China, and we also export clutch bearings in other parts of the world. We are offering pre-sale services for us to meet our customers’ requirements and needs. LLG has a wide range of bearing stocks of all types.

    We produce OEM with premium quality materials. LLG is also accepting minimum orders of clutch bearings. Just send us your inquiries, and we will be happy to assist you!

    Clutch Bearings Producing

    LLG Clutch Bearings Application Areas:

    Agricultural Machinery Clutch Bearings
    Agricultural Machinery
    Automotive Clutch Bearings
    Conveyor Lines Clutch Bearings
    Conveyor Lines
    E-bikes Clutch Bearings
    Gearboxes Clutch Bearings
    Pasture Machinery Clutch Bearings
    Pasture Machinery
    Printing Machinery Clutch Bearings
    Printing Machinery
    Speed Compensation Devices Clutch Bearings
    Manufacturing Plant

    LLG-Your Professional Clutch Bearing Supplier

    LLG Clutch Bearings

    LLG clutch bearings have self-aligning features that prevent the damage caused by high-speed rotation in driving force transmission. LLG clutch bearings also prevent the abnormal wear and heat of the clutch.

    LLG clutch bearings need grease maintenance to increase durability under high-speed rotation, high vibrations, and high temperature and extend the life service.

    LLG clutch bearings come in different types and series and can be applied in various applications such as gearboxes, automotive, speed compensation devices, printing machinery, conveyors lines, Etc.

    LLG clutch bearing follows international standards of bearings, and our goal is to provide the highest quality of clutch bearings at a competitive price in the global market. We are hoping to have a long business relationship with you soon. Just send us your inquiries.

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