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LLG is a professional bearing supplier specializing in producing ceramic wheel bearings in various sizes and dimensions. We are ISO qualified, and with our continuous searching and innovations, our company becomes the more extensive and world-class quality of products and services.

  • Advance equipment and top-graded quality of products;
  • Variety of ceramic wheel bearing products that you can choose;
  • Excellent service and fast delivery processes;
  • International standard certified.
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    LLG Ceramic Wheel Bearings

    Here in LLG, we always give our highest quality of services to cater to our customers’ bearing needs. We have a modern facility and machinery that provides the high-end features of ceramic wheel bearings.

    You can choose different sizes and variations of ceramic wheel bearings, and if you want a customize one, provide your drawings. LLG has professional engineers and skillful workers who offer you the world-class quality of ceramic wheel bearings.

    Ceramic Wheel Bearings Series

    Ceramic Tapered Roller Wheel Bearings

    Diameter: 15mm-110mm

    Outside Diameter: 35mm-200mm

    Width: 11.75mm-41mm

    Featuring: Low maintenance cost; consist of steel races with ceramic balls; Lightweight bearings and much smoother and rounder.

    6200 Series Ball Ceramic Wheel Bearings

    Diameter: 10mm-150mm

    Outside Diameter: 26mm-225mm

    Width: 8mm-35mm

    Featuring: More durable than steel bearings; for road or off-road vehicles; with heat resistance and has a longer service life.

    6300 Series Ball Ceramic Wheel Bearings

    Diameter: 10mm-150mm

    Outside Diameter: 35mm-320mm

    Width: 11mm-65mm

    Featuring: The ceramic wheel bearings have lower friction than steel bearings, used with standard steel and lubricants; much smoother than steel bearings.

    Why LLG Ceramic Wheel Bearings

    You can enjoy different features of our LLG ceramic wheel bearings that help your car wheels or vehicle wheels to have better and smooth rotational operations.

    Having LLG ceramic wheel bearings will give you a faster driving speed and saves your energy compared to steel bearings.

    Our LLG ceramic wheel bearings are much rounder, smoother and lighter weight than bearings made in chrome steel.

    We are also accepting customized ceramic wheel bearings according to customer’s preferences and requirements.

    We also have LLG ceramic wheel bearings with a full complement, with or without races.

    Ceramic Wheel Bearings Producing

    LLG Ceramic Wheel Bearings Application Areas:

    Aircraft Accessory Ceramic Wheel Bearings
    Aircraft Accessory
    Dental Hand Piece Turbines Ceramic Wheel Bearings
    Dental Hand Piece Turbines
    Food Processing Equipment Ceramic Wheel Bearings
    Food Processing Equipment
    Generators Ceramic Wheel Bearings
    Generators Ceramic
    Medical Devices Ceramic Wheel Bearings
    Medical Devices
    Pumps Ceramic Wheel Bearings
    Pumps Ceramic
    Semiconductors Ceramic Wheel Bearings
    Wind Turbines Ceramic Wheel Bearings
    Wind Turbines

    LLG-Your Professional Ceramic Wheel Bearing Supplier

    LLG Ceramic Wheel Bearings

    There are different types of LLG ceramic wheel bearings: the Zirconium and Silicon Nitride, which are dark grey silicon. We prefer to have silicon nitride ball in ceramic bearings because it is more complex than Zirconium material.

    LLG ceramic wheel bearings are much smoother than any metal materials and much perfect for ball bearings. It is very tricky to install or mounting ceramic wheel bearings, so experts or professionals must do it.

    LLG ceramic wheel bearings are widely applied in vehicles, engines, turbine blades, medical devices, and many more. Our LLG ceramic wheel bearings are more complex, resistant to corrosion, and will last longer in everyday use. It needs lighter lubrication, has heat resistance, and weighs less than steel bearings.

    Please send us your inquiries! We have friendly customer representatives that will assist you throughout the whole process.

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