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LLG is a leading company that provides all types of bearings that support different projects and businesses. LLG produces and supplies a large volume of bearings includes ceiling fan bearings with world-class features and quality.

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    LLG Ceiling Fan Bearings

    We are more than 20 years in the bearing industry, with continuous innovation, we can provide every client bearing needs and requirements. We make sure that our ceiling fan bearings passed in international standards. LLG was specialized in production, designing and sales.

    Our company uses advanced machines and high technology in production, and with the teamwork of our professionals, we can make the highest feature and high precision ceiling fan bearings. Just message us!

    LLG Ceiling Fan Bearings Series

    Ceiling Fan Angular Contact Bearings

    Diameter: 10mm-60mm

    Outside Diameter: 30mm-110mm

    Width: 9mm-22mm

    Featuring: These bearings are produced to carry axial and radial forces, perfect for heavy-duty operations.

    Ceiling Fan Deep Groove Bearings

    Diameter: 3mm-130mm

    Outside Diameter: 8mm-230mm

    Width: 3mm-40mm

    Featuring: Can accommodate radial and lower axial force; fans with high speed and less noise.

    Ceiling Fan Axial Bearings

    Diameter: 3mm-380mm

    Outside Diameter: 8mm-550mm

    Width: 3.5mm-112mm


    Featuring: Axial or Thrust bearings can support axial loads with less friction.

    Ceiling Fan Self Aligning Ball Bearings

    Diameter: 5mm-240mm

    Outside Diameter: 19mm-320mm

    Width: 6mm-73mm

    Featuring: Consist of two separated rows and can carry light axial loads and radial loads.

    Ceiling Fan Linear Bearings

    Diameter: 8mm- 50mm

    Width: 28mm- 105mm

    Length: 35mm- 132mm


    Featuring: Ceiling fan linear bearings for linear operations in one direction.

    Ceiling Fan High-speed Angular Contact Bearings

    Diameter: 10mm-1250mm

    Outside Diameter: 30mm-1750mm

    Width: 9mm-218mm

    Featuring: These bearings are designed to carry high-speed rotational applications.

    Why LLG Ceiling Fan Bearings

    LLG ceiling fan bearings consist of any ball bearings and sleeve bearings used in cooling and industrial operations with less friction and high-speed capacity. Our LLG ceiling fan bearings have a long-life span and lesser noise, reducing friction in moving and rotational parts.

    LLG ceiling fan bearings are manufactured and used in a wide variety of applications such as automobiles, computer hard drives, industrial conveyors, and any other applications requiring motion. LLG offering OEM custom-made ceiling fan bearing services with premium materials.

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    Ceiling Fan Bearings Producing

    LLG Ceiling Fan Bearings Application Areas:

    Agricultural Machinery Ceiling Fan Bearings
    Agricultural Machinery
    Compressors Ceiling Fan Bearings
    Electric Motors Ceiling Fan Bearings
    Electric Motors
    Gearboxes Ceiling Fan Bearings
    Industrial Pumps Ceiling Fan Bearings
    Industrial Pumps
    Material Handling Ceiling Fan Bearings
    Material Handling
    Mining Ceiling Fan Bearings
    Wind Turbines Ceiling Fan Bearings
    Wind Turbines

    LLG-Your Professional Ceiling Fan Bearing Supplier

    LLG Ceiling Fan Bearings

    Ceiling fans are consisting of two types of bearings, the ball bearings, and sleeve bearings. Ceiling fan sleeve bearings are not that expensive compared to ball bearings with low maintenance and are easy to install.

    LLG ceiling fans ball bearings have less friction and heat resistance. The ceiling fan ball bearings don’t need much lubrication compare to sleeve bearings.

    LLG ceiling fan bearings are widely applied in other areas such as gearboxes, construction equipment, wind turbines, mining, electric motors, and other industrial operations.

    We offer customized ceiling fan bearings according to the client’s requirements. LLG ceiling fan bearing has quick and responsive customer services that will assist you with your queries.

    Grab yours now and choose LLG for your ceiling fan bearings. We will never get you disappointed. Just contact us!

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