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Here in LLG, we have complete series of car bearings where you can choose different sizes and dimensions for your car. We have all types of bearings for various applications.

  • Customized services for car bearings according to customers preferences;
  • A large number of car bearings stocks are ready:
  • More than 20 years of experience in car bearing industry;
  • You can choose various lubricates for your needs.
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    LLG Car Bearings

    LLG has always been an expert supplier of car bearings ever since the year 2003 in China. We produce car bearings with low cost of maintenance and bearings that are easy to use. LLG has a wide variation of car bearings that meet every customer’s needs and requirements. For more details, send us an email, and we will walk you through the process.

    LLG Car Bearing Series

    6000 Series Ball Car Bearings

    Diameter: 10mm-150mm

    Outer Diameter: 26mm-225mm

    Width: 8mm-35mm

    Featuring:  Ball bearings used in car wheels give smooth operation in various machines with rotary motion.

    6200 Series Ball Car Bearings

    Diameter: 10mm-150mm

    Outer Diameter: 30mm-270mm

    Width: 9mm-45mm

    Featuring: Ball bearings used in cars have two separate races or rings that reduce friction during operation.

    6300 Series Ball Car Bearings

    Diameter: 10mm-150mm

    Outer Diameter: 30mm-320mm

    Width: 11mm-65mm

    Featuring: A set of ball bearings used in cars that supports the wheel and ride on an axle shaft.

    6400 Series Ball Car Bearings

    Diameter: 17mm-90mm

    Outer Diameter: 62mm-225mm

    Width: 17mm-54mm

    Featuring: Ball bearings suitable for high-speed applications, made of stainless steel, and reduces friction.

    Why LLG Car Bearings

    LLG car bearings consist of various sizes and designs depending on applications according to customer’s requirements. All of our car bearings here in LLG are ISO9001:2008 certified. LLG car bearings are made of chrome steel, carbon steel, or iron.

    If you need complete series of car bearings, LLG is the perfect solution. We also offer OEM and customized bearing services; provide us your drawing.

    Do you need the car bearings as soon as possible? We got your back, for LLG has the fastest delivery processes. Choose us, choose LLG car bearings. We will walk you through the process. Just contact us!

    Car Bearings Producing

    LLG Car Bearings Application Areas:

    Food Processors Car Bearings
    Food Processors
    Gearboxes Car Bearings
    Generators Car Bearings
    Marine Propulsion Car Bearings
    Marine Propulsion
    Mechanical Fans Car Bearings
    Mechanical Fans
    Off-road Vehicles Car Bearings
    Off-road Vehicles
    Pumps Car Bearings
    Wind Turbines Car Bearings
    Wind Turbines

    LLG - Your Professional Car Bearing Supplier

    LLG Car Bearings

    It is essential to have suitable car bearings to have safe driving. LLG provides the highest features of car bearings to have better car wheel performance. LLG car bearing has different sizes and dimensions depends on the shaft size and needs of every application.

    We have ball bearings in a wide range of series that carry heavy loads and may have one or two shields made of metal or rubber. Ball car bearing consists of series 6000, 6200, 6300, and 6400 with high-speed capacity and reduces noise and vibration. LLG car ball bearings have cages that are made of brass, steel, or polyamide.

    LLG car bearings with vibration levels Z1, Z2, Z3, ZV1, and precision level ABEC-1, ABEC-3, ABEC-5, ABEC-7. LLG also provide different kinds of lubricant according to your application needs.

    We supply and export car bearings worldwide with fast delivery services and also offer after-sale services. Please get in touch with us for inquiries.

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