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    LLG Cam Follower

    LLG supplies a large range of cam follower bearing for more than ten years. Our company provides you OEM services and custom-made products to meet your requirements.

    LLG cam follower bearing complies with international standards with the cooperation of our professional team and advanced machinery. LLG would be your first choice to create cam follower and various types of bearings.

    For inquiries, please send us an email, and our customer service will contact you for assistance.

    LLG Cam Follower Series

    Standard Cam Follower

    Diameter: 3mm-30mm

    Outer Diameter: 16mm-90mm

    Width: 11mm-35mm

    Featuring: Standard cam follower can carry an axial and radial load with less friction. Cost-efficient with long service life and easy to mount. They are made of stainless steel with a sealed outer ring.

    Miniature type Cam Follower

    Diameter: 2mm-6mm

    Outer Diameter: 6mm-9mm

    Width: 11mm-11mm

    Featuring: Miniature cam follower has a thin needle roller in the outer cage and usually used in electronics. High precision and rigidity and easy to assemble. Reduces friction with long service life.

    Thrust Disk Type Cam Follower

    Diameter: 3mm-20mm

    Outer Diameter: 16-90mm

    Width: 11mm-35mm

    Featuring: Thrust disk cam follower carry axial load in the outer ring. Prevent friction and abrasion. High precision and rigidity and easy to assemble. Prolonged service of life with heat resistance.

    Thrust Disk Miniature Cam Follower

    Diameter: 1.4mm-6mm

    Outer Diameter: 4mm-12mm

    Width: 2mm-7mm

    Featuring: Thrust disk miniature cam follower has heat and abrasion resistance. Can bear an axial load in the outer ring: reduced friction and extreme service life. Long service life.

    C-lube Cam Follower

    Diameter: 5mm-20mm

    Outside Diameter: 5mm-90mm

    Width: 11mm-35mm

    Featuring: C-lube cam follower is a maintenance-free product with solid lubrication.  High precision and made of special steel. Seal type can be open or sealed. It can reduce friction, less noise, and long service life.

    Eccentric Cam Follower

    Diameter: 6mm-30mm

    Outside Diameter: 1mm-32mm

    Width: 11mm-35mm

    Featuring: Eccentric cam follower has long and thin needle rollers with high load capacity. High-speed and can carry high radial loads. High rigidity and made of a special type of steel with a long service operation.

    Centralized Lubrication Cam Follower

    Diameter: 6mm-30mm

    Outside Diameter: 1m-35mm

    Width: 11mm- 30mm

    Featuring: This type of cam follower is suitable for Lubrication Pumps. The cylindrical outer cage is made of carbon steel material. Less friction and less noise.

    Cylindrical Rollers Cam Follower

    Diameter: 10mm-90mm

    Outside Diameter: 11mm-35mm

    Width: 11-35mm

    Featuring: This cam follower was assembled with cylindrical rollers on the outer ring in multiple rows. Can carry heavy radial and axial load: reduced noise, less friction, and vibration.

    Easy Mounting Type Cam Follower

    Diameter: 6mm-25mm

    Outside Diameter: 11mm-35mm

    Width: 11m-35mm

    Featuring: This type of cam follower is suitable for pallet changers with high rigidity and accuracy. Needle rollers in the outer ring and the bearing are made of chrome steel.

    Inch Series Cam Follower

    Diameter: 4.826mm -50.8000mm

    Outside Diameter: 11mm-40mm

    Width: 10mm-20mm

    Featuring: This cam follower is usually used in rolling mill, automotive, mining, metallurgical, Etc. Applicable for heavy loads with heat resistance and high speed. Less friction and long service operation.

    Why LLG Cam Follower

    LLG is 100% guarantee at a competitive price, and we offer wholesale prices for our clients.

    LLG cam follower adopts international standards providing the highest features of a cam follower that exceeds customer’s needs.

    We have our factory of cam follower for more than ten years and have been the number one supplier and exporter of cam follower bearing worldwide. We offer custom-made products and OEMs with premium quality.

    LLG cam followers are accepting minimum orders, and we provide after-sales services. LLG has advanced technology with the cooperation of our team experts; we make sure that we create the top-graded feature of products.

    Send us your inquiries, and we will give you excellent customer service.

    Cam Follower Producing

    LLG Cam Follower Application Areas:

    Gearboxes Cam Follower
    Internal Combustion Engine Cam Follower
    Internal Combustion Engine
    Manufacturing Plant Cam Follower
    Manufacturing Plant
    Material Handling Equipment Cam Follower
    Material Handling Equipment
    Mechanical Printing Cam Follower
    Mechanical Printing
    Rewind Stands Cam Follower
    Rewind Stands
    Textile Machinery Cam Follower
    Textile Machinery
    Machine Tools Cam Follower
    Machine Tools

    LLG-Your Professional Cam Follower Supplier

    LLG Cam Follower

    LLG Cam Follower is provided with stud with thick outer ring assemble by needle rollers or cylindrical roller that reduced friction and provide high performance.

    LLG cam followers have a long service life and are usually used for machine tools, gearboxes, transmission boxes, manufacturing plants, and other industrial types of machinery.

    LLG cam follower can absorb intermittent shocks and can reduce distortion. LLG Cam follower head has a hexagon hole with a hex wrench.

    LLG cam follower follows ISO standards and creates one-stop bearing solutions for customers.

    We offer pre-sales services that will guide your queries; we provide fast delivery and after-sales services to meet customer’s requirements.

    LLG cam follower creates a very competitive price range in the global market. Get one now! Just send us an email for us to assist you with your orders.

    Cam Follower – Ultimate Faqs Guide

    You must be an industry owner for manufacturing different products, which brings you the need for more information about the Cam Follower. 

    In case you want to get the best Cam Follower from China, then we have got all the information here in our Ultimate FAQ guide for Cam followers.

    What Is The Main Purpose Of Cam Follower?

    A cam follower is something also known as a bearing that is highly rigid and compact in size, and it has a shaft. 

    There are needle rollers on it that work well for the cam mechanism in roller state or even when it’s in a straight motion. 

    Cam Follower

    Cam Follower

    It is made for carrying a load capacity due to its thick-walled structure where the outer ring of the cam follower rotates while staying in contact with its mating surface.

    This mechanism greatly operates inside combustions engines where the cam and the Follower are operating the exhaust and inlet valves. 

    For smaller use, they find their application in wall clocks along with auto lathe machines, paper cutting machines, etc.

    And, the bigger use is in the automobile industry to a wide range. 

    LLG bearings are the best cam follower provider in China, from where you can order your cam followers easily.

    How Does Cam Follower Work?

    The cam follower working mechanism is supported over a shaft with which a profile-shaped mounting of a cam follower can cause a lever to move freely.

    To convert the rotary motion into a significant reciprocating motion, cams are used.

    The rotating of the cam greatly helps the procedure in which the Follower starts to rise up and falls continuously, which causes this reciprocating motion.

    In this way, a cam follower works in various machines.

    Cam and Follower both work together with a working principle that smoothes the process with the combination.

    Each of them can use a separate mechanism for working.

    Cam Mechanism:

    Cam works by rotating in a circle to about a small axis of the Follower to perform the working.

    This mechanical component can perform oscillating, linear as well as reciprocating motions to the Follower easily.

    The oval shape cam is useful where the engineers want to form the outer burge causing an imperfect eclipse in its shape.

    The periodic mechanical works make the best use of this outer burge which leaves a great effect on the process.

    The Cam continues to work by rotating on the shaft with a minor axis to the Follower.

    Follower Mechanism:

    The follower is a mechanical component related to the cam that rotates in a circular or oscillatory motion. 

    Follower prevents the pulls and push of the Cam. 

    The main function of Follower is to push the motion to the required part of machine.

    A follower follows a circular form of motion.

    Cams and followers play an important role in the field of engineering and serve diverse functions.

    Is A Cam Follower A Lifter?

    The casing-piston that reciprocates the closing and opening of the valves due to the cylindrical device called a cam follower in a combustion chamber is called lifter. 

    The piston is driven by the Follower that is enclosed inside the casing around the piston.

    Cam Follower

    Cam Follower

    The cam acts as the converter for the rotary motion into a linear motion, due to which a follower starts to rise and fall along with the process. 

    The valve movement is collectively controlled by both cam and Follower to synchronize well with the camshaft’s valve timing.

    The lifters and followers can get damaged in case they are not provided with proper oil lubrication and if the maintenance is not kept properly.

    This can cause the lifter and camshaft lobes to be worn out, which results in producing a tapping noise from the front of a car. 

    It is advised to replace or maintain such lifters and followers that may feel faulty or dangerous for combustion.

    What are the features and benefits of cam Followers?

    Cam followers are useful products that have found their use in various machines, and some of their best benefits and features are listed below.

    Features and Benefits of Cam Followers

    • They provide very well accommodation to heavier shock loads
    • They help to reduce any distortion and give an edge for the bending stresses due to load
    • They are used in industrial processes and construction of heavy machinery
    • They accommodate the performance and working capacity of industrial robots to help them perform tasks efficiently
    • They find their use in all types of machine tools, and they leverage the advantage of easy ongoing processes

    Where Are Cam Followers Located?

    The cam followers are usually found where there is an exhaust valve, or they are used for operating the inlet.

    Cam Follower

     Cam Follower

    For the most part, they are found in engines of any vehicle or any such product where there is internal combustion and exhaust valves.

    The cam followers can also be found in the wall clocks, where they play a role in matching up with the time and working efficiently all day long.

    These cam followers can also be located inside paper cutting machines or any heavy textile machinery, or any device that has cam mechanisms of automatic machines.

    They are located inside the combustion chamber of an engine that is made for conveyers or tool changers and any automatic coating machines, etc.

    How Do I Know If My Cam Follower Is Bad?

    If your cam follower is bad, you will get the indication through various hints.

    The first sign of a bad cam follower is indicated by a check engine light that runs on the speed meter of your car.

    This means that something is gone wrong with your engine, and mostly, it is the cam follower issue.

    The other sign can be a running issue, or you will be able to hear tickling sounds that may be loud or sometimes low pitched, which means you are running a bad cam follower.

    This problem instantly results in fuel cuts, and it makes the car slower due to loss of boost, which may affect your driving experience very badly.

    In case you run through any of the conditions, consider getting your cam follower replaced from LLG bearings which are the best manufacturer in China for cam followers.

    What Is The Difference Between A Cam And A Follower?

    The cam and the Follower work together but independently.

    This mechanism has a significant role in achieving a proper distribution of force equally on every single one of the components of a machine.

    Cam Follower

     Cam Follower

    A cylindrical roller can be attached with the component of a machine for providing the smooth movement with the cam follower.

    It doesn’t matter what shape, size, or quality of the nut is; the cam follower is used to providing various linear motions by using proper mechanisms.

    Cam followers usually have more thickness which is why it has more absorption ability for shocks to improve the mechanical efficiency in an engine.

    This mechanism is followed and applied in almost any aircraft application along with the engine combustion process on the insider for efficiency.

    Cam and the Follower work together to bring better performance with the linear movements along with a camshaft.

    What Are The Different Types of Cam followers?

    The cam followers can be divided into various types.

    Here are the main types of Cam Followers:

    • Cylindrical cam
    • Disk cam or Plate cam
    • Translating cam
    • Spiral cam
    • Wedge cam
    • Heart-shaped cam

    Plate or Disk Cam:

    In this type of cam, the disk doesn’t have any specific boundary or the outer line that would represent and accommodate a specific certain motion to the Follower.

    Cylindrical Cam:

    The Follower in this type of cam runs through the cylindrical surface that is having a groove and is placed parallel to the axis of a cylinder being used.

    Translating Cam:

    Translating cam is the one that has an outer boundary or coating plate where the Follower acts as an oscillator in the front of that plate.

    The groove specifies and is responsible for the motion of a follower in the process.

    Wedge Cam:

    The cam having a flat angled regular outline that is meant only for a specific motion to provide to a follower is known as wedge cam.

    Spiral Cam:

    The cam having a spiral shaping outline or has a half-circular groove contour that provides an oscillating motion, and the Follower is moving vertically to the axis is called a spiral cam.

    Heart-shaped Cam:

    The cam that is meant to return a shaft having an asymmetric heart look in order to hold a cam that is meant to set a proper location through the pressure of a roller is called a heart-shaped cam.

    Other cam follower types include.

    • Precision Ground Inner Rings
    • Cam Followers – Heavy Stud
    • Chain Sheaves
    • Toothless Sprockets
    • RBC Roller Cam Follower
    • Cam Followers
    • Crowned Cam Followers – Standard Stud Series
    • Cam-Centric Adjustable Cam Followers
    • Pitching Caged Roller Followers
    • Crowned Cam Followers – Heavy Stud
    • Airframe Needle Roller Bearings
    • Mast Guide and Carriage Rollers
    • Yoke Rollers – Cylindrical and Crowned O.D.

    What Is The Purpose Of Cam Angle?

    Cam angle is the angle to which the cam can rotate to a certain degree with the intake cam advance.

    This angle for the cam is measured in degrees, and the cam angle can range from 0 to 50 degrees easily.

    Cam angle

    Cam angle

    The allowable cam angle helps to let the engine breathe more for the intake and lets the cams and exhaust work together more freely.

    For a definite displacement of the Follower, the rotation angle of a cam plays an important role.

    There is a pressure angle that determines the steepness of any cam, which forms the angle direction angle of the follower motion and the normal pitch curve at a point.

    For such an angle, the direction of the motion that takes place cannot be changed.

    The rotating angle cam has the oscillations that are attributed to inertia forces under some load with respect to the initial value of the pressure that is near 30°.

    Cam can have an angle of Ascent which the Follower rises and the cam is turned.

    There is an angle of Dwell for the cam and the Follower in which Follower stays at a stationary position at its highest or either at the lowest position while the cam turns at a certain angle. 

    How Do You Make Cam And Follower Vex?

    In order to produce cam and Follower Vex, you can continue with these steps.

    • Get yourself a bracket, a surface, cam, four-inch drive shaft, three-hole spacer, three locking collars, small bolts and nuts, four single hole collars, and quarter-inch bolts.
    • After getting the requirements, you can start making Vex gear by attaching the bracket with the surface using the bolts.
    • Thread the drive shaft through the cam and see if it fits perfectly.
    • Put a locking collar on both sides of the driveshaft and make sure it sits tightly from both sides.
    • Lock the drive shaft with the cam and then spin it to see if it moves freely in circles, causing the rotational motion.
    • Make sure to adjust it to the platform properly in its place and lock the collars properly on both front ends as well as the back end of the shaft.

    Which Type Of Specific Follower Is Used For Designing The Aircraft Engines?

    A roller follower is the type of Follower that is specifically used for designing aircraft engines.

    The Roller Follower is used because this is a small-sized bearing having a rigid shaft with the support of a built-in needle bearing.

    Cam Follower

     Cam Follower

    The aircraft engines get the advantage with this type of Follower as a guide roller for linear motion in the combustion chamber of the engine and cam mechanisms.

    It’s extreme engineering which is why a versatile follower like a roller follower provides the best use in it.

    This type of Follower is also used in dedicated machines as well as in automatic machines to make the work easier, such as a carrier system, or conveyer is supported very well with roller follower.

    LLG bearings is a company from China that offers roller followers for aircraft engines as well as for bookbinding machines, automatic coating machines, and various other equipment. 

    The various types of followers that are made for aircraft engines are.

    Model NAST

    A bearing that is separable and has a very thick outer ring wall with needle rollers equipped well along with an inner ring is the NAST model follower with a precision cage.

    This is a low-cost follower that aims to achieve high accuracy in mechanisms.

    Model RNAST

    A bearing having an inner ring covered with a thick-wall outer ring and needle rollers that are loaded with one of a kind precision cage is called as RNAST model.

    Model NART

    A non-separable bearing system has an outer ring as spherically machined, and the inner ring fixed to the side plates is called as NART model.

    This type of bearing greatly reduces a biased load.

    What Are The Elements Of Cam And Followers?

    The cam and followers can consist of various elements that include the cam, roller, a driving element, along with a fixed frame.

    An additional element as an intermediate element can also be introduced in the cam and followers.

    The roller is another element of cam and followers that improves the performance of a mechanism for linear motion.

    A normal can have a rotating disk, plate, and a cam profile along with a groove cut and a roller with a follower.

    A normal follower can have a cylindrical or a conical-shaped instrument with a groove cut that is near the surface.

    One of the elements is also the cylinder with a required profile cut on its one end.

    How Do I Change My Followers On Cam?

    To change the followers on your cam, you can proceed like these steps below.

    • First of all, in order to change followers on a cam, you have to remove the engine cover.
    • Then you have to release the fuel pressure and let it out by using the Schrader valve.
    • After that, remove the Schrader valve.
    • Remove the fuel lines properly.
    • Then you can remove the Torx screws that are firmly holding the pump and then pull it out.
    • Then use a new follower on cam by repeating the process and hold it down tightly with screws.

    Cam-follower is useful in a simple or steady motion where one part of the machine is connecting with another part with a complicated prescribed motion.

    The cam-follower helps to manage the balance for an accurately timed mechanism for a simple motion in any process.

    Which Material is Used In The Manufacturing Of A Cam Follower?

    The cam follower is usually made from up of 4130 steel that gives it good strength and resistance, having a diamond-like coating at a very reasonable price tag.

    Cam Follower materiel

    Cam Follower materiel

    The camshaft that works with them is made from cast iron to divide the load and resist the pressure.

    The camshaft lobes are made from carbonitrided 52100, and some are made from malleable cast iron for providing durability and sustainability. 

    The materials produced are then diamond-coated for providing sliding wear and better working capacity to the cam follower.

    The use of carbonitrided steel makes it less expensive than a diamond-like coating with a very high resistivity. 

    LLG bearings provide the best quality cam follower for your machines across China as the best manufacturer of these products.

    What is The Rolling Contact Between Cam And Follower Is Called?

    When a contacting end of one side of a follower acts like a roller, then the material is known as a roller follower. 

    The roller follower is used as a guide roller which is a compact and rigid bearing that contains needle bearings in it to work along well with linear motions in machinery. 

    They work really well with the disks as they have the high rigid property of the bearing system with a spherical outer ring to absorb vibrations from the shaft center. 

    The cam follower installed in the mechanism helps to lighten a biased load that works along with a roller follower. 

    What Type Of Cam Follower Is Used By The Automobiles Industry?

    Type of cam follower that is specifically used in the automobile industry is the Spherical faced Follower.

    Cam Follower

    Cam Follower

    This cam follower is called a spherical-faced Follower because one end of the contacting surface of this cam follower is spherical in shape. 

    For manufacturing automobile engines, a flat-faced follower is used that can resist high surface stress. 

    The spherical contacting surface of a follower helps to decrease the stress that is caused due to flat-faced followers in the combustion of an automobile engine.

    The stress-induced in the process is minimized as the high surface stresses are generated at a very high speed that causes the heat.

    This heat and stress are reduced by using a flat face follower that is converted into a spherical one that greatly reduces the stress of the load, and the efficiency of a high-speed engine is increased.

    How Often Should I Change My Cam Follower?

    A cam follower can work for a stretch of 20,000 miles in general if it is kept with care and proper oiling, but it is recommended to change or check the cam followers after every 10,000 miles.

    The cam follower manufacturers like LLG bearings recommended that you should change your oil after every 5000 miles on the meter, which will increase the life of your cam follower.

    Using a good quality oil for lubrication can help to increase the life of cam followers and get the best recommendations from the dealer as well to stay put to one type of oil for your engine.

    What Happens When Cam Follower Fails?

    When a cam follower fails, it can most likely cause great damage to your camshaft along with the fuel pump, too, and you will start to experience loss of power and boost along with fuel cuts.

    Cam Follower fails

    Cam Follower fails

    A fuel cut actually means that the fuel is stopped by the car’s engine from the control unit of a car.

    It’s a protective and defensive mechanism in terms of accidents and disasters that avoids any kind of detonation in a car that can occur when a cam follower fails.

    The car gently starts to lose power, and you will feel your car coming to a stop or start to lurch a lot which can be very itchy for you.

    This type of failure can happen In case the cam follower wears off due to low-quality oil used in the engine or making any unusual changes and modifications to the fuel pump. 

    A bad cam follower or a failed cam follower causes fuel cuts in the first place, after which various other problems like loss of power and mechanical damage can occur. 

    In case you do not replace the fuel pump cam follower in a condition where your machine is getting damaged can lead to costly repairs because of your ignorance over inexpensive part replacement.

    If proper lubrication is not applied over time, then it is possible that the cam follower starts to wear down through the holes, and the particles can start to deal damage to your fuel pump and camshaft.

    The cam follower wears down over time in specific models, until there is a hole. 

    The fuel pump and camshaft are susceptible to damage as small pieces and particles fall off as it wears.

    When the coating wears, there is more friction in the material between metals as if DLC coating is worn off; the Follower is most likely going to roll metal with metal.

    In this way, the wear can increase, and it can go through several components, including the fuel pump rod along with the camshaft and the Follower as well. 

    Due to such an issue, the lobe can also be destroyed, and the spring retainer can most likely fall off when the pump rod wears to a point. 

    The debris can cause greater damage to your Follower, fuel pump, exhaust cam variation, fuel pump, and camshaft. 

    The damage is increased with such an issue, and it can even lead to low oil pressure with pump pieces that can affect the oil pumping through the vessels. 

    What Is A Fuel Pump Cam Follower?

    A specialized roller on the FSI engine that follows the cam lobe profile is known as a fuel pump cam follower.

    The camshaft lobe is protected or prevented from wear due to its external coating. 

    LLG bearings offer all types of fuel pump cam followers as they are the best supplier in China for all types of mechanical products.

    What Is The Maximum Angle Of Cam Profile?

    The angle of the cam profile at its maximum can reach up to 30°.

    The inertia forces cause the oscillations in the root-type cam profile for which a stress wave propagation takes place under impact loading get very close to a 30°.

    Cam angle profile

    Cam angle profile

    The initial value of the maximum pressure angle of any cam profile can get up to 28°.

    There are two osculating circles at different points of the curvature, and the radius of curvature for each of them with the cam is equal to the radius that is an osculating circle on that specific area. 

    What Is the Dwell Period Of Cam?

    A dwell period of a cam means the time or duration that is needed for a cam to rotate while there is no motion observed to the Follower. 

    The Follower in this period remains at a stationary position whereas the cam rotates. 

    It is possible that the Follower may not be moving, but the cam can move in either up or down position or even in a horizontal line. 

    When the acceleration of the Follower is zero and the cam is moving, it is called the dwell period. 

    What Is A Mk5 GTI Cam Follower?

    The MK5 GTi is a car by Volkswagon that has a cam follower most found in its 2.0T FSI engines.

    Cam Follower

    Cam Follower

    The engines in these cars have cam follower that easily rides onto a camshaft to produce a motion along with the support of high-pressure fuel pumps.

    The kit that comes with MK5 GTI cam follower contains fuel pump sealing, o-ring, cam follower, along with fuel pump hardware, and this small kit plays a vital role in an engine’s well-being.

    The cam follower mk5 Gti helps to maintain a connecting point between the high-pressure drive fuel pump and the camshaft of the engine.

    Which Type Of Cam Follower Is Used In High-Speed Engines?

    The cam follower that is normally used for high-speed engines like an aircraft engine or an automobile is the Cycloidal motion curve.

    It has the best dynamic characteristics in which the acceleration of the engine is finite at all times but considering the starting and ending acceleration to be at zero. 

    Cam Follower

     Cam Follower

    With the cam mechanism, the vibrations in this cam follower are at their lowest, causing no noise and stress on the mechanism, and no shocks are observed either. 

    The acceleration is finite at all times, but during cycloidal motion, the acceleration starts to increase slowly and makes the working process smoother. 

    This is the reason that the cycloidal motion curve is used for all types of high-speed engines.

    The successive derivatives in the motion of cycloidal cam profiles, such as their acceleration and velocity, play a major role throughout the motion. 

    The bearings and cam followers are less prone to any stress or heat under such motions, and their life expectancy is greatly increased. 



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