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LLG is a top company in China that supplies a big volume ball race bearing in different sizes and dimensions. LLG is also offering customized services of all types of bearings. Our LLG ball race bearings follow international standards to meet every client-bearing requirement.

  • We accept minimum orders of bearings;
  • OEM bearing services with premium quality are available;
  • Excellent customer service;
  • A large volume of bearing stocks is open.
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    LLG Ball Race Bearing

    LLG will always be your trusted manufacturer and supplier of ball race bearings for more than 20 years of experience. We used advanced machinery to provide the highest feature of ball race bearings for our loyal customers. LLG offers custom-made services; give us your drawings and designs. LLG ball race bearings are ISO qualified, and we also have OEM and nonstandard services.

    We offer pre-sale and after-sale services to make sure that we provide all the needs and requirements of our clients. Please send us your inquiries so that we can assist you throughout the process.

    LLG Ball Race Bearing Series

    Inner Ball Race Bearing

    Inner Diameter: 10”-150”

    Outer Diameter: 26”-320”

    Width: 8″-65”

    Featuring: The inner race bearing is the smaller ring where the shaft rides on and inside the outer race.

    Outer Ball Race Bearing

    Outer Diameter: 26”-320”

    Inner Diameter: 10”-150”

    Width: 8″-65”

    Featuring: The exterior bearing race that protects the internal parts of the bearing and is made of chrome steel.

    Why LLG Ball Race Bearings

    LLG ball race bearings undergo extreme quality control, cleaning, and inspection. Ball races bearings here in LLG are qualified in global standards of bearings. LLG ball race bearings are made of more durable chrome steel, have excellent wear resistance for bearing parts, and have high hardness (Rockwell C 58 to 62). Our LLG ball race bearings are classified into two parts, the outer and inner ball races, and these are where rolling element bearing rides on.

    LLG ball race bearings come in different sizes depends on every application’s requirement. Here in LLG, you can have your customized ball race bearings, and OEM bearings service is also available. Get one now!

    Ball Race Bearings Producing

    LLG Ball Race Bearing Application Areas:

    Bicycles Ball Race Bearings
    Elevators Ball Race Bearings
    Gearboxes Ball Race Bearings
    High-Speed Machine Tools Equipment Ball Race Equipment
    High-Speed Machine Tools Equipment
    Medical Equipment Ball Race Bearings
    Medical Equipment
    Office Equipment Ball Race Bearings
    Office Equipment
    Transmissions Ball Race Bearings
    Wind Turbines Ball Race Bearings
    Wind Turbines

    LLG-Your Professional Ball Race Bearing Supplier

    LLG Ball Race Bearings

    LLG ball race bearings consist of the outer race and inner race where rolling elements ride on. The large ring is called the outer race, and the small circle is called the inner race. LLG ball race bearings provide uniform support to the rolling elements of the bearings.

    Each race is design with a groove which is usually shaped so the ball will fit on the track. LLG ball race bearings are used in different types of bearings such as angular contact ball bearing, linear ball bearings, thrust ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, deep groove ball bearings, Etc.

    LLG ball race bearings are made from 52100 steel (chrome steel) with high wear resistance and high hardness Rockwell C 58 to 62. Our ball race bearings follow global standards and go through extreme quality control.  We are also offering nonstandard ball race bearing services with premium quality materials.

    For your inquiries, please get in touch with us!

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