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LLG is a well-experienced and professional bearing manufacturer in the industry, with over 15 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality bearings and supplying all forms of bearings, including LLG Axial Ball Bearings.

Besides our Axial Bearings, we manufacture a variety of other high-quality bearings, that can be customized according to your application are, these include Thrust Ball Bearings, Spherical Roller Ball Bearings, Ceramic Ball Bearings, and Self-Aligning Ball Bearings, among others.

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    The Axial Bearings from LLG

    LLG prides itself on its highly trained and experienced staff, that oversee and conduct the entire production process, and it is due to this that we have received recognition worldwide. Regarding our LLG Axial Bearings, with multiple years of experience in manufacturing under our belt, we ensure the availability of a number of diameters to be available for purchase.

    We ensure a timely response on any of your product related inquiries and have guaranteed convenient delivery services. Along sides all these advantages, as a returning customer you are also provided with free samples, as well.

    LLG Axial Bearings Series

    51100 51134 Axial Bearings

    Outer Diameter: 24mm – 215mm

    Inner Diameter: 10mm – 170mm

    Width: 9mm – 34mm

    Stainless steel bearings that are used in RC cars and helicopters.

    51200 – 51232 Axial Ball Bearings

    Outer Diameter: 26mm – 225mm

    Inner Diameter: 10mm – 160mm

    Width: 11mm – 51mm

    Stainless steel bearings that can bear varying axial loads.

    51300 – 51330 Axial Ball Bearings

    Outer Diameter: 47mm – 250mm

    Inner Diameter: 20mm – 150mm

    Width: 18mm – 80mm

    Bearings are composed of two races, and are used in automobiles and gearboxes.

    52202 - 52228 Axial Ball Bearings

    Outer Diameter: 32mm – 200mm

    Inner Diameter: 10mm – 120mm

    Width: 22mm – 81mm

    Superior quality axial bearings that are wear-resistant and shock-resistant.

    52305 – 52326 Axial Ball Bearings

    Outer Diameter: 52mm – 225mm

    Inner Diameter: 20mm – 110mm

    Width: 34mm – 120mm

    Axial bearings that are used in marine and aerospace related machinery.

    53201 – 53212 Axial Ball Bearings

    Outer Diameter: 38mm – 100mm

    Inner Diameter: 17mm – 60mm

    Width: 15mm – 31mm

    These Bearings are available in both single and double load bearing models.

    Why LLG Axial Bearings

    With over 18 years of experience in the bearing manufacturing field, we are able to produce both great quality LLG Axial Bearings, but of a higher quantity as well. All of this, with the help of modern machinery and techniques that help us stand out amongst the competition worldwide.

    Along with all of this, we are committed to exceptional and efficient service for our customers and ensure they are provided with all forms of services, including but not limited to, inspection, cleaning and packaging solutions.


    Axial Bearing Producing

    LLG Axial Bearings Application Areas:

    Automotive Applications
    Automotive Applications
    Aerospace Applications
    Aerospace Applications
    Marine Applications
    Marine Applications
    Gearboxes Applications
    Gearboxes Applications
    RC Helicopters
    RC Helicopters
    Turbines Axial Bearing
    Turbines Axial Bearing
    Radio Antenna Masts
    Radio Antenna Masts

    LLG-Your Professional Wheel Bearing Supplier

    LLG Axial Bearings

    LLG Axial Bearings are rotary bearings, they are composed of side-by-side races. They rotate permanently between machine parts, and have been manufactured to support mainly an axial load. This form of load is applied directly along the axis of the bearing. With the load being transmitted directly through the bearing. The bearings are composed of two races, as mentioned earlier, that contain balls in the middle, and transmit the load through these balls. One race is stationary, while the other is attached to assembly that rotates.

    Our Axial Bearings are high precision bearings, they are able to withstand loads in the same direction as the shaft, axial loads. They are available in single direction load bearing models and double direction load bearing models. The material used, stainless steel and rolling bearing steel, can function in a varying range of temperatures and is not only wear resistant, but also shock resistant and conductive.


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