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If you are in need of a reliable and efficient anti-friction bearing supplier, LLG is the top-recommended company. With over 20 years of service in the bearing business, we can maintain the highest quality of our bearing products.

  • Continuous innovation to create high end bearing products;
  • We already export anti-friction bearings in more than 40 countries;
  • You can enjoy the highest features of anti-friction bearings;
  • Excellent customer service.
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    LLG Anti-Friction Bearings

    We, LLG is excellent in creating a big number of anti-friction bearings with low-cost maintenance, easy to mount or dismount, can withstand momentary shocks, and have self-alignment capacity. LLG anti-friction bearings follow the global standard and all of our bearings are undergo extreme quality control and inspection to ensure the quality of bearings before it distributes to our customers.

    LLG Anti-Friction Bearings Series:

    Anti-Friction Ball Bearings

    Diameter: 10mm-150mm

    Outside Diameter: 26mm-320mm

    Width: 8mm-65mm

    Featuring: It can be a single row or double row bearings that can accommodate radial and axial forces and tilting moments; can carry high speed operations.

    Anti-Friction Thrust Ball Bearings

    Diameter: 3mm-1000mm

    Outside Diameter: 8mm-1180mm

    Width: 3.5mm-140mm

    Featuring: This anti-friction bearing is commonly used in industrial fans, industrial transmissions, industrial pumps, Etc.

    Anti-Friction Angular Contact Ball Bearings

    Diameter: 10mm-1250mm

    Outside Diameter: 30mm-1750mm

    Width: 9mm-218mm
    Featuring: Anti-friction bearings with a high load capacity, good running properties, and are easy to apply and mount.

    Anti-Friction Cylindrical Roller Bearings

    Diameter: 15mm-1700mm

    Outside Diameter: 35mm-2060mm

    Width: 11mm-272mm

    Featuring: Available in single-row, double-row, multiple-rows, and full complement anti-friction cylindrical roller bearings; high accuracy and long life service.

    Anti-Friction Tapered Roller Bearings

    Diameter: 15mm-1270mm

    Outside Diameter: 35mm-1465mm

    Width: 11mm-200mm

    Featuring: Anti-friction bearings used for heavy axial or radial loads and consist of the cone, cup, retainer, and rolling elements.

    Anti-Friction Spherical Roller Bearings

    Diameter: 20mm-1800mm

    Outside Diameter: 52mm-2180mm

    Width: 17mm-710mm

    Featuring: Anti-friction bearings can accommodate moderate axial force and radial force; they can be single-row or double-row designs.

    Anti-Friction Needle Roller Bearings

    Diameter: 3mm-265mm

    Outside Diameter: 5mm-280mm

    Width: 7mm-50m

    Featuring: Anti-friction bearing with longer length of rolling element to diameter ratio. It can carry higher radial loads.

    Why LLG Anti-Friction Bearings

    LLG anti-friction bearings are certified in ISO standards, passed in extreme quality control, cleaning, and inspection, and we have a variety of sizes and designs that you can choose according to your requirements.

    LLG produced three types of anti-friction bearings of the highest standard and features, ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, needle roller bearings, and cylindrical roller bearings.

    We also provide anti-friction bearing in OEM premium materials and if you prefer to have your customized bearings, just provide us your drawings and designs.

    Just contact us and we will assist you with your queries.

    Anti-friction Bearings Producing

    LLG Anti-Friction Bearing Application Areas:

    Air Compressors Anti-friction Bearings
    Air Compressors
    Gearboxes Anti-friction Bearings
    Marine Propulsion Anti-Friction Bearings
    Marine Propulsion
    Mechanical Fans Anti-friction Bearings
    Mechanical Fans
    Off-road Vehicles Anti-friction Bearings
    Off-road Vehicles
    Planetary Gear Sets Anti-friction Bearings
    Planetary Gear Sets
    Pumps Anti-friction Bearings
    Wind Turbines Anti-friction Bearings
    Wind Turbines

    LLG-Your Professional Anti-Friction Bearing Supplier

    LLG is very expert in creating five-star quality bearings in all types including anti-friction bearings. There are different kinds of friction bearings in different sizes, from small to extra large size. LLG friction bearings are applied in a wider range of operations such as in wind turbines, automotive power transmission systems, pumps, gearboxes, air compressors, marine propulsion, and other industrial application.

    We are offering customized anti-friction bearings depends on our customer’s preferences. LLG offers different types of lubricants for anti-friction bearings includes mineral oil-based lubricants, synthetic lubricants, animal-fat-based lubricants, and plant or vegetable oil.

    That mention lubricant reduces friction that reduces heat and wear and protects the bearing surfaces from corrosion and any contaminants.

    We are looking forward to being your business partner soon. Please contact us for inquiries.

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