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LLG is mainly engaged in designing and manufacturing different and high-quality bearings. We can ensure the quality of the Angular Contact Bearing from every milestone, to can give you the most competitive price but the highest quality products to ensure your business needs.

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    Why Choosing Angular Contact Bearing from LLG

    LLG is an expert in manufacturing the highest quality type of angular contact  bearing. We have a quality assurance team with our well-trained and experienced workers. Here LLG provides a precise angular contact bearing that is well used in the machine tool industry, papermaking industry, electric industry, and other machinery fields.

    LLG Angular Contact Bearing Series

    7200 Single-Row Standard Angular Contact Ball Bearing

    Bore Range: 10mm-130mm
    Outside Diameter: 30mm-230mm

    Feature: The lower shoulder enables a large number of s to be incorporated in the angular contact  bearing, giving it a relatively high load-carrying capacity.

    7300 Single-Row Standard Angular Contact Ball Bearing

    Bore Range: 12mm-110mm
    Outside Diameter: 37mm-240mm

    Feature: Rapid acceleration and deceleration if needed in the angular contact  bearing. Enclose by Brass or Polyamide. It also has the tolerance of Class P0.

    3200 Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing

    Bore Range: 12mm – 65mm
    Outside Diameter: 32mm – 120mm

    Feature:  Misaligning  ability and reducing the functionality ,also has a resistance on the most oily and grease. It also has the tolerance of Class P0. Enclose by Brass or Polyamide.

    3300 Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing

    Bore Range: 15mm – 70mm
    Outside Diameter: 42mm – 150mm

    Feature: The cage of this is suitable for the commonly use applications.

    Why LLG Angular Contact Bearing

    LLG manufactures less noise, no vibration, and precise angular contact  bearing with entangled structure, enclosed was made by more efficient engineering plastics. Here in LLG, we have the attribute of angular contact  bearing capacity, roughness, fast-moving, small friction distance, ductile rotation, accuracy, and long service life.

    Angular contact bearing producing

    The Application Area of Angular Contact Bearing

    Steel Industry Angular contact bearing
    Steel Industry
    Wind turbines angular contact bearing
    Wind Turbines
    Electric Motors Angular Contact Bearing
    Electric Motors
    Injection Molding Angular Contact Bearing
    Injection Molding
    Machine Tools Angular Contact Bearing
    Machine Tools
    Mining and Construction Angular Contact bearing
    Mining and Construction Industry
    Papermaking Machinery Angular contact bearing
    Papermaking Machinery
    Semiconductor Industry Angular Contact Bearing
    Semiconductor Industry

    LLG - Your Professional Angular Contact Bearing Supplier


    LLG Angular Contact  Bearings is less noise, less vibration, high precision, and long life. LLG Angular Contact  Bearings are commonly used in the steel industry, mining, and construction, papermaking machines, wind turbines, gearboxes, electric motors, pumps and compressors, and motorcycles, in all kinds of professional machinery, and heavy industry. Angular Contact  Bearing can bear a larger single direction of axial load, engage a certain amount of radial load, and a unique treatment of heat process allowing products to achieve the best proportion stability and roughness to decrease wear of angular contact  bearing.

    Buying LLG Angular Contact  Bearings, you will know that it is convenient to install, and speed performance is magnificent and sufficient. Angular Contact  Bearing preloads multiple levels that help your different business requirements for speed and system tension, which is reasonable for you to buy. LLG Angular Contact  Bearing has a rust resisting capacity, we have a variety of Angular contact  bearing that we can offer that are suitable for you.

    Being the best manufacturer of Angular Contact  bearing, LLG adopts an automatic CNC production line, with well-established sound inspection full-range tracking, and system inspection. LLG can provide one of the most extensive ranges of angular contact  bearing that is available and suitable for your business need. We have the precise and huge production of angular contact  bearing to meet your great need, ensuring quality and spectacular services. LGG Angular Contact  Bearing is your best choice. Just send us your Inquiries.

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