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Bearings used in air compressors can often cause failure due to their high work load. They need to be able to work as well as possible under low friction. Typically, roller bearings are used in machinery that involves refrigerators, and air conditioners.

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LLG provides bearings that help air compressors from causing failure due to heavy workloads. LLG creates bearings that reduce noise, less vibration, and longer operation life compatible in different applications and industries. Roller bearings like cylindrical roller and spherical roller bearings are used in air compressors to operate under low friction. These bearings work well in various types of applications offering high performance even in heavy pressures of loads.

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The air compressor bearings or the bearings used in the compressors are used as a support for the mechanical rotor. This support helps in reducing the friction coefficient of the bearings.

If we talk about the demand for roller bearings today, these bearings are highly popular and widely used in various applications, including; Air conditioning units, Refrigerators, Plant equipment, Gas supply equipment (in the construction industry), etc.

Here, we aim to provide the low calorific value, low noise, low vibration, and longer performance life bearings – all suitable for different kinds of demands in various industries/applications.

As a result, these bearings work exceptionally well in all types of working environments while offering performance satisfaction in: Energy conversation, reduced maintenance costs, high-reliability.

But that’s certainly not all when it comes to our specially designed and manufactured bearings. Apart from the highly efficient quality, we also focus on reducing the products’ environmental impacts using our proprietary technology.

For this, we have successfully developed low-energy bearings. Such low energy bearings help in reducing consumption while also maximizing profits.

For example, we can include the single-row angular contact ball bearings and four-point contact ball bearings in these kinds of low-energy bearings.

All in all, they can offer you higher efficiency and productivity during the operation, making them a more reliable and efficient bearings option.

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